No operation is required. The male voice can also be changed to female voice"

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One day at noon, I received an e-mail with a wav-format audio file in the attachment. When I opened the file, a woman's voice came up: "Are you okay? I miss you very much ...... Guess who I am? ......" Success! Who is this? The voice is strange and has no impression. When I was wondering, I sent a message from my QQ colleagues: Is there an affair. "Damn it, it must be this joke guy." I understand. But what I heard just now is the voice of a woman. What is going on? After my repeated questioning, he finally admitted that the voice in the original email was his own, but it was just a slight change in the software.

Software name: Av Voice Changer Software
Software Version: 4.0.54
Software size: 6337 KB
Software nature: Shared Software
Application Platform: Windows 9x/2000/XP

After the demo version is started, the registration window is displayed. Enter a name (your name) and a real email address (your email) and click "click to subscribe, then, you can receive an email to get the Trial number, and then click the "click to enter the free key" button in the registration window to enter the Trial number. Let's change the voice of male to female.

Step 1: correctly connect the microphone to the computer. If you are using a headset with a microphone, connect the ear and microphone wires to the computer. By default, the microphone is in the mute state. You can double-click the small speaker icon in the system tray to open the volume control window, and click "option> Properties" (figure 1 ), in the displayed window, select "Microphone", click OK, return to the volume control window, and click the check mark before "mute" under the microphone.

Tip: In the "volume control" window, click "option> advanced control", and then click "advanced" under "Microphone, in the displayed dialog box, cancel the selection of "mic boost (microphone enhancement)". Otherwise, there will be a lot of noise and echo.

Step 2: Start AV Voice Changer Software (hereinafter referred to as VCs). If you are not used to its default Interface, click the skins (skin) button above and select classic (Classic, switch to the standard Windows window. Click the on/off button in the upper part of the page. Then, you can hear the sound from the headset, indicating that VCs is in the active state (figure 2 ).

Step 3: select the voice you want to change. Click "basic sound effects" and choose a variety of sound effects from the pop-up menu (Figure 3). If you want to imitate a girl, generally, female 1, female 1, and female 1 are used directly. At the same time, we can adjust them by ourselves. After adjusting the appropriate effect on the console, you can click Save to save our adjustment effect, while load is to read the saved effect.

Step 4: Add sound effects. Here we can simulate some special environments. Click the Add sound button, which includes the haunted house, devil, and lightning. By default, it is none (that is, none ). If you have registered the software, you can click more to download more sound effects to make the software more perfect.
TIPS: if the computer configuration is low, do not select "44100" under the basic sound effect, which will consume a lot of CPU resources.
In order to make the imitation sound more lifelike, you can make some adjustments to the console. In actual use, to simulate male voice, you can adjust the middle to the left, and female voice must be adjusted to the middle to the right; the sound effect is from left to right, and the advanced part is from left to right. In addition, you can adjust the balancer. After these settings, you will be able to get an absolutely strange female voice.

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