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An on-demand live streaming Open source project: P2pcenter (I turned around and found that I couldn't open it ...) )

Using the platform:
Client: Windows Platform
Servers: Windows & Linux
Frame legend:

Project Introduction:
The Open source project is an open source project by Kevin, a multi-participant developer and constantly updated, in compliance with the GPL open source agreement.

Project members: System architecture and initial development: Fu Wenco (Kevin), MA June (Mark), Zhangwei, Gaocheng, Wang Liang
Linux related development: Li Guisheng (qq:674859634)
JSP website system: Wooling (qq:86409354)
ASP website system: Xu Xiaojun (qq:275992019)
BitTorrent module: lism (Qq:32437503[johnny]), Shao (3707878[color_x])

Objective: To shorten the development cycle of similar projects in enterprises, and to integrate various peer-to-bt,emule protocols, such as.

Main functions:
Peer transfer of data using UDP, can effectively penetrate the firewall, in a further version will be implemented TCP and UPnP penetration
Can realize streaming media on-demand and live, but also can share other files, file types are not limited.
Streaming media files support a wide range of applications, such as Rmvb,wmv,flv,mp4

Source Code Download Forum:


Project Address: Svn://
User name: Mc_public
SVN Address: Https://

Demo Website:

Latest Source code package download: Http://

Direct-to-peer on-demand live open source project very good

What are open-source video conferencing

1. Video Conferencing System openmeetings

Openmeetings is a multi-lingual, customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio, video, and allows you to view the desktop of each attendee. The openmeetings also includes a whiteboard that allows you to import pictures and graffiti in a variety of formats.

Online Demo:

2. Network Video conferencing software Vmukti

Vmukti is a network video conferencing software. It is the first open source PBX and conferencing software that supports voice/video communication, desktop sharing, etc. at home or in the office. It uses VoIP technology.

3. Video Conferencing System Ekiga

Ekiga is a video conferencing program that is compatible with SIP and VOIP,IP and is compatible with the phone, and Ekiga can be used for video and audio conversations with remote users of any SIP and T-s hardware and software. The predecessor of Ekiga was gnomemeeting.

4. Online Conferencing System Dimdim

Dimdim is an open source project, WEB-based system for online conferencing. Users can freely download the relevant code to build their own online conferencing system platform. Currently only supports the communication under IE browser in Windows, but the development team says that it has started to develop the applicable version of Firefox, and that the Linux and OSX users will be supported on the platform. At present, the test situation is quite ideal, whether it is speed or voice quality, the application is actually appropriate to build their own station blogger to build their own communications platform, the requirements are not high.

5. Open source conferencing software Kablink conferencing

Kablink Conferencing is an open-source conferencing software that allows the team to communicate in real time, and attendees can see other online people and start a timely meeting with features such as audio, chat, whiteboard, desktop sharing, and presentation.

Now there are a lot of people to set up a video site, to ease the pressure of video site server bandwidth, the best way is to use peer-to. It takes too much effort to write a peer-to-peer system from scratch, instead of using open source directly. This article introduces 3 open-source, on-demand/live streaming systems. Just a brief introduction, and give some useful information, do not do the source analysis.


This is a more ancient live system, the performance of a lot of defects, now should only learn value, no application value. :

Peercast has a Wang Haoqun annotated version, he added some comments to the source code, and wrote some analytical documents, for learning should be very helpful. : Http://


is a live (also support for Carousel, on-demand) system. is a domestic company (Mysee) advocated by the open source project, because of the company background, so is the most powerful system. Live feeds can be obtained directly from the camera or MMS streams. The document is very full, there are a lot of books about it ("peer Network technology principles and C + + development case" specifically has a chapter on it), learning is very convenient. Personally, I also highly appreciate it. Myseelite has two versions of Myseelite1 and Myseelite2, and 2:1 upgrades many features. The latest version should be myseelite_2007_06_28,:


is a few people in China to write an open source project, claiming to be on-demand live system, but I have been compiled after the deployment, I think it does not live function. The document is pathetic, with only a few documents that are extremely simple to write, even with errors (perhaps those documents are written for an earlier version, the document is not updated after the system is updated), and such documents can only be misleading. The project has a corresponding forum, in which only people ask questions, no one answers. The way the system publishes on-demand channels is weird. I personally do not recommend this system, do not give out, can own in Baidu search. Although there are many flaws, the spirit of open source is commendable.

5 Web-based open source instant chat apps 1. Cryptocat–an Open source Encrypted & Private Chat Application

Cryptocat is an open source web-based Instant Messaging chat application. Unlike other instant chat tools, it focuses on ensuring that communications are encrypted and private.

Cryptocat based on PHP development, in addition to static files (CSS, JS and pictures), only a single PHP file. Its interface is simple and beautiful. The message uses the Crypto.js library for AES-256 encryption.

Project Address:

2. Candy:a JavaScript Powered multiuser Chat Client

Candy is an open source chat client, based on JavaScript development. Supports any Jabber server, including its own server. However, the server is required to turn on http-binding support.

This app supports multiple chat rooms, private chats with multiple users, and hosts can even kick out and prohibit users.

Its interface supports multi-lingual, and can be extended via plugins.

Candy provides good documentation and a complete API to easily integrate with other applications or websites.

Project Address:
Download: Https://

3. Jschat:an Open Source Chat System

Js Chat is an open-source chat application that uses a simple JSON-based protocol. Js Chat is developed using Ruby (Sinatra). It has a console client that looks similar to an IRC client. It can show pictures and YouTube videos. Users can log in using a Twitter account and use Mangodb to log logs. With JS chat users can create multiple chat rooms. Its protocol is designed to be close to executable code, so it's easy to create clients with it.

Project Address:
Download: Https://

4. Big Blue button:an Open Source Video conferencing Chat App

BigBlueButton is an open-source video conferencing system that is ideal for distance education or for standard meetings. The system allows multiple users to log in, share their cameras, and communicate over VoIP. You can present PDF and Office documents online, and users can share their desktops with other users. Users can raise their hands to speak, support group chat and private chat.

Project Address:

5. Ijab:open Source Chat Ajax Im Application

Ijab is a Web Instant Messaging client (XMPP Web Im/web Chat) that is developed based on AJAX technology and supports the Xmpp/jabber protocol. Ijab is open source software, and anyone can build an instant messaging system that supports the XMPP protocol based on Ijab. Ijab uses JavaScript and HTML development, browser-based operation, and the client does not need to download other programs.

Ijab also developed a Web Instant messaging client--ijabbar similar to the Facebook chat style. Features include:

    • Embedded browser run, no pop-up window sound
    • Multi-person Chat
    • User Search
    • Roster Management
    • Http-binding
    • Also supports MSN, aim and other instant messaging protocols

Project Address:

recently the company has added several projects in each city, so I am also studying the conference system , interested in joint research

Open Source Video Conferencing collection

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