Outlook does not delete emails on the server when receiving emails

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How does one prevent outlook from deleting emails on the server when receiving emails? The procedure is as follows:
1. Enter Outlook Express. If you remember the password, you do not need to enter it. The email will be automatically received as soon as you log on. Otherwise, you need to enter the email password.
2. Find "tools/Accounts" in the menu to go To the Interne account and mail tab.
3. Select an existing account and click Properties. In the pop-up email account attributes, advanced, the following transfer settings, select "retain email copy (L) on the server", and the mail copy on the server will not be deleted.
4. The following two items are optional. You can delete the email copy on the email server after several days. Or, as long as the email you receive is deleted in Outlook Express, the email copy on the server is automatically deleted.

Outlook Express:

Outlook Express Introduction   Microsoft Outlook Express implements global online communication on the desktop. Whether you exchange emails with colleagues and friends, or join a news group to exchange ideas and information, Outlook Express will become your best assistant.
Manage multiple email and newsgroup accounts
If you have several email or newsgroup accounts, you can process them in a window. You can also create multiple users or identities for the same computer. Each identity has a unique email folder and a single address book. Multiple identities allow you to easily separate work emails from personal emails, and ensure that the emails of individual users are independent.
Easily and quickly browse emails
The Mail List and Preview pane allow you to read a single mail while viewing the mail list. The folder list includes email folders, news servers, and newsgroups, which can be easily switched to each other. You can also create a new folder to organize and sort emails, and then set mail rules so that emails that meet the rules will be automatically placed in the specified folder. You can also create your own view to customize the mail browsing mode.
Save the email on the server to view it on multiple computers
If the email server provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses the Internet mail access protocol (IMAP) to receive emails, you do not have to download the emails to your computer, you can read, store, and organize emails in the folder on the server. In this way, you can view emails on any computer that can connect to the email server.
Use the address book to store and retrieve email addresses
When you reply to an email, you can automatically save the name and address in the address book. You can also Program Import names and addresses in; directly type in the address book; add them through received emails or search for common Internet Directory Services (blank pages. The address book supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for viewing Internet directory services.
Add a personal signature or letter to the email
Important information can be inserted into the sent email as part of the personal signature, and multiple signatures can be created for different purposes. You can also include business cards with more details. To make emails more exquisite, you can add a letter and background, and change the color and style of the text.
Send and receive security emails
You can use digital signatures to digitally sign and encrypt emails. A digital signature email ensures that the email received by the recipient is indeed sent by you. Encryption ensures that only expected recipients can read the email.
Find the news group you are interested in
Want to find the news group you are interested in? You can search for newsgroups that contain keywords or browse all available newsgroups provided by Usenet providers. You can add a newsgroup to your "subscribed" list for future search.
View newsgroup conversations effectively
You can view the News Group emails and all their replies without having to look through the entire email list. When viewing the mail list, you can expand and collapse the dialog to more easily find the content you are interested in. You can also use the view to display the emails you want to read.
Download a newsgroup for offline reading
To effectively use the online time, you can download emails or the whole newsgroup so that you can read emails without connecting to the ISP. You can download only the mail title for offline viewing, And Then mark the mail you want to read. In this way, Outlook Express will download the text of the mail next time you connect. In addition, you can write emails offline and send them out at the next connection.

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