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In the day-to-day operation of the computer, we can not be separated from the password---power-on to use the CMOS password, into Windows
98 to use the user password, edit the Word document to set the document password ..., all of which provide users with the necessary security of data Security! However, as the scope of password application increases, the situation of forgotten passwords is increasing (no one can guarantee that they will never forget the password)! After forgetting the password how to break these passwords, as much as possible to reduce the loss of the majority of users are concerned about a topic. In order to facilitate the use of users, is the common computer password to solve the method to give you a brief introduction:

First, the power-on password
Depending on the user settings, the boot password is generally divided into two different situations, one is the setup password (in this way, the system can be started directly, but only enter the BIOS settings required to enter the password); the other is the system password (in this way, Either direct or BIOS setup requires a password, no password will accomplish nothing. For the two passwords set by the user, our methods of cracking are different:

1. Setup Password
If the computer can boot properly, just can't enter the BIOS setup (that is, set the setup password), then we forget the password only in DOS to start Debug, and then enter the following command to manually clear the password:

_ O 70 16
_ O 71 16
_ Q
In addition, users who are unfamiliar with debug can also download a tool software cmospwd that specifically cracked the CMOS password in Http:// It then launches the program in DOS, which displays the user's CMOS password (CMOSPWD supports Acer, AMI, award, COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, PACKARD
BELL, PHOENIX, ZENITH ami and other kinds of bios), very convenient to use.
2. System Password
Without a password to start the computer at all (that is, the system password is set), we cannot solve the problem of password forgetting by software. The only way to do this is to open the chassis, give the CMOS discharge, clear all the content in the CMOS (including the password, of course), and then reboot to set up. In addition, some motherboards have the CMOS password removal jumper set up and the jumper can be shortened to the same purpose (see the motherboard specification for details).

Second, Windows password
1. Windows Startup Password
The startup password for the forgotten Windows 98 does not affect the startup of the system, but it will cause the user to be unable to access their personal settings, and thus crack windows
98 of the startup password to retrieve the "lost" personality is also necessary. To do this, we can delete the * from the Windows installation directory. PWL password file and all personal information files under the Profiles subdirectory, and then restart Windows
98, the system will pop up a password without any User name settings box, we do not need to enter any content, directly click the "OK" button, Windows
The 98 password is deleted. Also, modify the Userprofiles under the registry database HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, network, logon branch to "0" and then restart Windows
98 can also achieve the same purpose.
2, screen protection password
The use of the system's screen saver can prevent others from stealing their own computers while they are away, thereby protecting data security. However, the system's screen-saver password is very fragile without the other restrictions. We simply use the "reset" key after forgetting the password to force the computer to start (some imperfect screen saver can even be forcibly closed using Ctrl+alt+del, the operation is simpler), and then right-click the desktop space and execute the Properties command from the pop-up shortcut menu to open the show properties Settings box and click the Screen Saver tab, and then remove the password protection option (no need to confirm the password when canceling this option). In addition, it is said that there is also a special type of disk used to crack the screen protection password. After you insert the disc, it will take advantage of Windows
The 98 Autorun feature launches the screen saver password cracking program stored on the CD, the screen protection function of the password analysis, decipher, and finally the password displayed on the screen or write to the floppy disk, which is more convenient (sorry, the function is hearsay, I did not see this CD-ROM).

3. Power Management Password
98 of the power management function can also set the password, set this function, the system will be returned from the energy saving state would require input password, thus to a certain extent to achieve the purpose of protection system. However, due to the power Management feature password and Windows
The 98 startup password is exactly the same, so as long as we have cracked the Windows 98 Startup password in the previous way, the power management password has been compromised.
As you can see from the above introduction, Windows
98 password protection is not perfect, whether the power-on password or screen protection, power management password are very fragile, we must be supplemented by other control measures to prevent others to invade the purpose of the operation, see the relevant information.

Third, compressed file password
1, WinZip
When the user forgets the Zip pack password, you can download a decryption software uzpc (Ultra Zip) that specifically cracked the ZIP compression package password
Password cracker), use it to help us retrieve the lost password.
The UZPC interface, as shown in Figure 1, simply executes the "New" command on the Task menu and selects the zip file that needs to be cracked from the pop-up Open dialog box, and UZPC opens a Preferences dialog box (shown in Figure 2). Users should "Archive
Files list box, select which file in the Zip package to decrypt (WinZip has the ability to set different passwords for different files in the same zip package, although most zip compression packs do not use this feature, they usually set the same password for all files. Thus, the common zip password cracking software can only handle zip documents of the same password, which is often invalid for zip packages that contain multiple passwords at the same time. UZPC is different, it can be separately for the zip compression of different files in the password separately decrypted, so as to better meet the requirements of the majority of users. "Archive
The Files list box is used to select a file that contains different passwords in the same zip compression package.
Next, we should choose the appropriate decryption method (mainly has "backdoor way", "exhaustive Way", "Dictionary method" and "Pattern match way" and so on 4 kinds, we generally adopt "brute
Force the way of poverty "). When you have finished setting up, click the "Next" button and the system will pop up with a "brute Force Attack
The Parameter dialog box (shown in Figure 3) requires a wide range of users to set the parameters of the password, such as whether to include uppercase and lowercase letters, whether to include numbers, spaces, symbols, or all content, length of passwords, and so on. Finally, by clicking the Go button, the system uses an exhaustive method to test all possible combinations of passwords until the final result is found and is very convenient to use.

In addition, if the number of digits in the password is longer, the UZPC test process may take a long time. For the convenience of the user, UZPC specifically provides the ability to temporarily interrupt the run and continue testing from the interrupt, we simply use the "Save" button in the test process to record the current cracking status, and then we can confidently break the ongoing test without worrying about data loss. After that we simply click the "Open" button in uzpc to open the last record and UZPC will continue looking from where it was interrupted, saving the user's time.

2, ARJ
When the ARJ compression package password is forgotten, we can download a professional ARJ compression pack password cracking software aapr to ARJ
Password Recovery), use it to find the password for the ARJ package. The AAPR interface is shown in Figure 4, and we just need to get from "ARJ password-encrypted
File dialog box, select the ARJ compression package you want to crack, and in the Brute-force Range
Options dialog box, select the range of passwords (also set whether to include uppercase and lowercase letters, including numbers, spaces, symbols, or include all characters). Finally click the "Start" button, the system uses an exhaustive method of all possible combinations of passwords to test, find the password and then display it, use very convenient!

3, RAR
RAR is also a very popular compression software, users in the Forgotten RAR compressed packet password can be downloaded to a crark software to crack it. This is a command-line utility, it mainly through the command line to implement the RAR compressed packet password to crack. Its command format is: "Crark
command-line parameter RAR compressed package file name ". However, in fact, we usually only need to use the "Crark RAR compressed package file name" command, using the default parameters can be achieved on the RAR compression package password to crack the purpose.

Attached: Crark about the meaning of command-line arguments:
-L Specify Minimum password length
-g Specifies the maximum password length
-S uses the user's own settings
-D Sets the file name of the main dictionary
-U sets the file name of the user dictionary
-P Set Password progress file name

Four, word processing software password
1, WPS
1 WPS for DOS
The old version of WPS has a common password ctrl-qiubojun, we can only use this password to open all encrypted documents, and then copy the contents of the document in a block copy to other documents to solve the problem (when the document opened with a common password changes can not be saved).

2) WPS 2000
As we all know, WPS
2000 uses two different levels of document encryption, that is, "common type Encryption" and "top-secret encryption." It says in the manual that when a user forgets a document password, if the document is the "ordinary type of Encryption" way, you can ask the technical personnel of Jinshan company, they help you find forgotten password, if the document is "top-secret encryption" mode, the password can not be decrypted after forgetting, but the fact is not so. Whether we forget the "generic" password or "top-secret" password, you can go to download a EWPR (Edward
Wps Password
Recovery) software to crack the forgotten password. This is a Chinese editor's own password cracking software (but I still do not understand why so many people like to edit the English interface software), it provides 4 kinds of decryption methods such as "Backdoor mode", "Exhaustive Way", "Dictionary method" and "Pattern matching mode" (for the average user, the most useful or " Exhaustive way "), can simultaneously use" ordinary type of Encryption "and" Top Secret Encryption "of the document to decrypt (the operation is exactly the same).

Specifically, we should first specify the required WPS in the "Encrypt WPS File" dialog box when using EWPR to decipher the password for the WPS 2000 document
2000 document (as shown in Figure 5), and in the "Type of
Attack list box, select the appropriate password cracking method (generally choose the "Brute-force" method of exhaustive). Next, you should follow the specific circumstances in the Brute-force Range
Options list box, select the range of passwords that might be included, and in the Start
From dialog box, specify the character to start the lookup (used primarily to continue cracking from the last interrupt). After setting these options, we simply click the "RUN" button and EWPR will use the exhaustion method on the WPS
2000 the password for the document to crack, use very convenient (in the process, we can through the "Pause" and "Resume" button to temporarily interrupt the operation and continue to run from the interrupt.
2, Office
WPS 2000 's password protection is not secure, so what about Microsoft Office? In fact, Microsoft's security is more unreliable (Windows
98, IE and other software security problems is a typical textbook. Cracked Office series of documents in the software is a dime, I most commonly used is AOPR (full name is Advanced Office 97
Recovery, download URL for The software can also be the Microsoft Office family of Word, Excel and access software generated by the password to crack, which eliminates the user to download, using each individual password to crack software distress. In addition, AOPR can be used for Word's *. Dot template file password search, which other similar software does not have! It's important to note that AOPR is for office
97 developed (Office 2000 is not available when AOPR is launched), but the format of Office 2000 documents and office
The format of the 97 document is basically no different, so we can also use AOPR to crack the password on the Office 2000 document (at least I don't see any problems when I'm using it).
After starting AOPR (as shown in Figure 6), we simply select the Office document with the forgotten password from the Encrypted Office View dialog box, and in the brute
-force Range Options dialog box, select the scope of the password, and then in the Type of
Attack list box, select the appropriate password cracking method (and, of course, the same selection as before) brute-
Force "Poor Way", and finally click the "Start" button, the system will use an exhaustive method of all possible combinations of passwords to test, find the password and then display it (the use of different software seems to be similar). What's the effect?

3, Lotus Word Pro
Lotus Word for domestic use of Lotus Company (IBM subsidiary)
Pro users may not be too much, but the software's functionality is no less than Microsoft Word (in some cases more advanced), the scope of application abroad is very wide (many domestic users will often receive the use of Lotus
Word Pro format mail, most Chinese joint ventures in China also use Lotus Word Pro for daily word processing, so lotus Word
Pro password cracking method to give you an introduction. When the user forgets Lotus Word
Pro password, we can go to to download a wprokeyd (Password recovery for Lotus
Word Pro) to crack it.
Wprokeyd is a specifically used to crack Lotus Word
Pro Document Password application, we should first click the "Settings" button after starting the program (shown in Figure 7) to open the Brute-force
Settings dialog box, set the Wprokeyd cracking state (mainly in the "Password Character
Set list box, select a range of passwords. Once setup is complete, we just need to put the forgotten password Lotus Word
Pro Document (*. LWP file) dragged to the Wprokeyd window, Wprokeyd will test all possible passwords by using an exhaustive method based on the user-specified range until the password is found.

E-ICQ Password
ICQ is currently the most popular web paging software, many people are inseparable from the internet when the "small Dongdong". In the process of using ICQ we must enter our personal password, if the user forgot the password means that all the previous paging number and the conversation record will be lost, this is absolutely unacceptable! Don't worry, ICQ password cracked software ICQ
Password Revealer can solve this dilemma ( ICQ Password
Revealer is a DOS command line utility, the user only need to execute the file under the Newdb subfolder of the ICQ installation folder, and then according to the screen prompts to enter their UIn (as shown in Figure 8), the system will find "Long-lost" ICQ password, use very convenient.

Six, the use of "* *" Display password
As we all know, Foxmail has the function of memorizing the user's mailbox password, it can remember the password of the user's mailbox, and then collect the mail directly, thus eliminating the tedious steps of the user to enter the password manually. There is a problem, that is, users have a long time without contact with the password can easily forget the mailbox password, and Foxmail recorded in the password is "*" displayed, we can not directly view (similar situation is very common), this How to solve it? Don't worry, "Knight Software password Viewer" can crack this kind of password! "Knight Software Password Viewer" is a dedicated to crack Application dialog box using "*" Display password tool software, it can detect the original characters of these passwords and display to the user. With it, "*" is no longer an impassable ditch! The "Knight Software Password Viewer" interface is shown in Figure 9, to use it to crack a password, simply open the other application's Password Settings dialog box (that is, the "*" window), and then use the mouse to drag the "Warrior Software" icon in the Knight Software Password Viewer to the "*" Password of these applications, " The Knight Software Password Viewer will break these "*" passwords and display their original characters in the Password box to meet the needs of the user. "Knight Software password viewer" Download URL is:

After reading the above introduction, I believe you will never forget the password and worry about, but on the contrary, there may be users of their data is safe and worry. In fact, we do not need to be so nervous, the aforementioned password cracking software used in the main method of cracking or exhaustive method, when the password is longer, exhausting all possible operations is very large, the current computer speed can not meet the requirements of the exhaustion of longer password, which means that as long as we set the password long enough, others "peep" We don't have a lot of secrets (of course, passwords should be at least 8 digits and should be a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols). In addition, in order to prevent the "Knight Software password viewer" such as the use of "* * *" Display password software, the user is best not to use the software automatic memory password function, and directly in need of manual input password. With these two strokes, others still can not easily break through your "line of defense."

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