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The requirement for writing a pen or pencil is that the center should not only run the pen in the middle of the painting, but also be flexible. When guiding students to deliver a pen, you must give a demonstration and pay attention to the following four points.

1. Start from the front. When the pen starts, the pen starts to say "to left first right, to right first left; To go up first, to go down first.

2. Return to the front. When the pen is to be closed at the end of the horizontal and vertical lines, the pen is slightly lifted to turn the pen.

3. Center shipment. When writing a pen, the tip of the front is always running from the middle of the strokes, so that the written words are smooth and well-proportioned, full of life.

4. When writing a brush in the ink, you must constantly turn the pen to keep the pen straight and suck the ink on all sides.



When talking about writing a brush, whether it is a start, a line, or a collection, a change to the Front (circle pen) and a fold (square pen), or a pen and a pen, or a disease front and Xu Feng, we should all follow an important rule. This is the center pen. It is a traditional technique used by Chinese Calligraphy and is the root and soul of all pen-writing techniques. As Yu chongguang stated in the book raft in the Qing Dynasty: "Although the center can be used, it is not a center, that is, Jia Ying is also inferior. This is the root of advantages and disadvantages ."

What is center? Cai Yi in the Han Dynasty said in the "9th trend": "The pen is always in the painting ." That is to say, when the center moves the pen, the center of the pen is always moving in the center of the pen, so that the ink can penetrate evenly from both sides of the pen to the paper, all around. The pen strokes are full and complete, and have a solid sense of thickness, resulting in the effect of "attracting ribs" and "yurun Pearl.

The ancients often described the center's method of moving pens with "such as cone and Sand Painting. Imagine that when an iron cone is drawn over a smooth sand surface, a deep concave in the middle will be generated, and the taper groove on both sides will become shallow. Due to the effect of light, the depth of the area is dark, and the shallow area is a bit clear. This effect of light and shade will produce a three-dimensional effect, this is exactly the same as the situation in zhongfeng. Because the pen front eat more ink and deep color, the sides of the PEN front eat less ink and light color. Due to the effect of depth and shade, the effect of the strokes will inevitably produce a stereoscopic effect. You may wish to pick up a pen and try it, write a stroke according to the center's stroke method, dry it, and then look at it from the back of the paper. It is vaguely seen that there is a dark ink line in the middle of the stroke, this is the route for the center to run.

Because the words written by the center are strong and comprehensive, the ancients proposed the "pen center ". That is to say, the center Pen runs through the whole process of the pen and all the skills and skills.

To achieve a Forward Stroke, the key is straight, straight is positive, and the forward is the center. Therefore, when writing for beginners, you must correct the pen. Of course, the so-called "straight" is not always perpendicular to the paper, but with the operation of the pen, the pen is also moving in the opposite direction, but from the pen tube movement direction vertical left (or back and right) on both sides, the pen tube is always correct.

Theoretically speaking, it is not difficult to explain the meaning of the center. However, it is not easy to keep the tip of the pen in strokes. Because the brush is soft and flexible, when the pen front is in contact with the paper, it naturally forms a one-sided state. During the writing process, bifeng also has no time to convert to the biased direction. So how can we keep the pen tip in the middle of the stroke? You can achieve this by constantly adjusting the pen front. The specific method is: by using the pen and the pen alternately, using the pen's natural elasticity, the pen after the front is "Falling" quickly "Standing up" (wrapped in front ); by rubbing the pen and paper, the pen creates a kind of "House leakage marks". By repeating the previous steps, the pen makes up for incomplete strokes; in short, through the above coordinated use of up and down, left and right, before and after the six actions, you can adjust the scattered, entangled, and eccentric pen front to maintain the pen center. Of course, these operations are completed in an instant during the course of writing, sometimes even invisible to the naked eye, but as long as you are proficient in these methods, you can ensure that you can always use the best pen to write a strong strokes.

In short, the center is the foundation of the Pen writing method, but it is not the only method. To make the strokes rich in changes, you must master the methods such as "banfeng" and "sideways Feng.

What corresponds to the center is the banfeng operation. The so-called partial front is to make the center of the PEN head tend to operate on one side of the stroke, so that the pen front is lying down, like dragging the floor. The front is used well, and the strokes written are sharp and varied. However, a poor usage will lead to a thin and dry side of the enrichment side. The ink is not written into the paper, and the strokes are flat and powerless. Therefore, some people advocate less use, especially for beginners.

There is also a method between the center and the front ". Many people confuse "Sideways" with "partial Feng", which is not comprehensive. Although "lateral Feng" contains "partial Feng" components, it is essentially different.

The "point" referred to as the "side" method in the "yongzi eight method" contains the meaning of gaining momentum from the side. "Horizontal painting must be directed to the pen, vertical painting must be in front of the pen ". Here, "side-in", "horizontal", "Direct-in", and "cut-in" all mean that you can use a square pen to side the paper like a knife. At this time, the pen Feng often forms a side-by-side state, and then uses the natural elasticity of the PEN Feng, and the lifting of the wrist, immediately or gradually knead the side of the pen into the center of the strokes, tiled on paper, this is a side-front pen. The edges and corners of the square pen at the fold, Hook, seek, and pick points are often side-by-side effects. It can also be said that the so-called frontend is a method that can show the effect of the square pen. Although Bian Feng has a certain amount of components, its essential difference lies in the fact that Bian Feng is in the end, while Bian Feng is in the transition from Bian Feng to center; the front of the PEN lie on the paper, while the side of the front with a pen but lie and can start, let the front basically stood and walked.

There are both differences and connections between the center, the frontend, And the frontend. Center Pen, pen front tile on paper, write strokes; Side Front Pen, pen front oblique on paper, write strokes Fang Jin; partial front Pen, pen front lying on paper, write strokes flat. In the frontend, The bianfeng component is involved. Through the adjustment of the frontend, it will eventually return to the center.

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