phpMyAdmin Tutorial Create a new user/import/Export Database

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If you use PHP source program (such as WordPress) to build a station, it is best to learn how to operate phpMyAdmin, so that the maintenance of your website database, is more handy. Perhaps you would ask, what is PhpMyAdmin? Why learn to use PhpMyAdmin?

What is PhpMyAdmin?

PhpMyAdmin is a php-written, web-based way to control and manipulate MySQL databases. With PhpMyAdmin, you can fully manipulate the database, such as creating, copying, deleting data, and so on.

Why learn to use PhpMyAdmin?

PHP source code programs (such as WordPress) are generally to use the MySQL database, and through the phpMyAdmin can operate on the MySQL database, which is why you have to learn to use.

PhpMyAdmin How do I create a new user and database?

1. Log in using your PhpMyAdmin account, click "Permissions", "Add New User"

2. Fill in the "Login information", then select "Create a database with the same name as the user and grant all permissions", and finally create a new:

3, according to the operation, we can get a MySQL database without any data table, the basic information of this database is:

User name: Wpdaxue

Database name: Wpdaxue

Database address: localhost

Database Password: The one that was filled in when created

MySQL database already has, you also have a Web site database file, how to import this file into the new MySQL database?

PhpMyAdmin How do I import a database file?

1. After logging in, click to enter the database you want to import:

2. Then click "Import", select the database file you want to import, execute:

3. Import Success:

PhpMyAdmin How do I export a database file?

Still, go to the database you want to manipulate and click "Export" to execute:

Note the differences in how you export from the diagram, depending on your needs, select "Customize" here

Summary of this article

1, to create a new user and database in the PhpMyAdmin, your account must have the corresponding operation rights, otherwise there is no way.

2, usually, we are in the site backup, the site move (that is, change the host space), will use the PhpMyAdmin import and export functions.

phpMyAdmin Tutorial Create a new user/import/Export Database

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