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Definitely improve the sense of humor.
1. Q: "I am going to have a blind date. The girl smiled and my face was full of powder. What should I do ?"......

A: "You are welcome to deliver food when you first meet ."

2. Q: When you are taking the bus, people around you suddenly glance at you and then vomit. What do you do?

A: Sure enough! The average person sees me directly dizzy.

3. Q: What will happen if you have ten bottles of beer?

A: Let them come up again.

4. Q: Do you dare to say how many people with the opposite sex have kissed you?

A: No. But every time I add one, I will remember it on a card ....... I used these cards to make four poker games.

5. Q: the two couples are both on QQ, but they haven't spoken for 10 minutes. What do you mean?

A: The boss is there.

6. Q: I stepped on your foot on the bus and said "I am Jay Chou" to you. How did you respond?

A: click it. You can show off in the future. I step on Jay Chou!

7. Q: If you read a book in the library and are fascinated, the opposite sex will touch you three times with your feet?

A: click it.

8 .. Q: there are still seven seconds before the end of the world. What is the last thing you want to do?

Answer: Collect food

9. Q: When a lover or husband suddenly hugged you and said, "I like you. Do you like me? "

A: Don't wake him up and ask, "What is my name ?......"

10. Q: I want to talk about a flower at the same time and see who has a tacit understanding with me ~~

Answer: 1 flower

11 .. Q: During the blind date, the woman said to you, "You have no room, no car, so what do you think? How do you answer?

A: Love is coming.

12. Q: Have you ever experienced a similar death?

A: Are you sure you want to die?

13. Q: I have a female, mopper, who has made six boyfriends. What should I do on Valentine's Day?

A: Eat hot pot together.

14. Q: Why is John tired of him?

A: Who says there is no car? He has been using the card!

15. Q: Why did a female colleague send a message about 'my husband is absent !!!???

A: I am now ......

16. Q: Can I chase you? How can I answer this question better ??

A: Why chase me? I am not a jizhi syrup...

17. Q: You have no signal on your cell phone when you are alone on the desert island. Suddenly, you can call it. Who is your first phone number?

A: China Mobile complained to them! Why is the signal so bad!

18. Q: I will give you 0.1 billion yuan. Will you jump down from the second floor?

A: Please put the 0.1 billion piles downstairs first. I will jump up right away.

19. Q: What does white sheets, white covers, white pillows, and white slippers mean?

A: Bai Dafu is asking you to white

20. Q: boys send more than 100 text messages to girls every day, but there are very few calls. What do you mean?

A: He has subscribed to the package.

21. Question: use four words to describe your appearance!

A: Do not mention it.

22. Q: you only have two yuan in your pocket. How can you fix three meals ???

A: Buy a broken bowl and squat on the street.

23. Q: My younger brother is pulling his pants. He is playing two famous political figures in the United States!

A: Sorry! Dad, mom! Rare Larry!

24. Q: If someone looks at your photo and says "ugly ~".....

A: It's better than saying "cute monkey ".

25. Q: What kind of car can I buy if I have a monthly salary of 1200 RMB?

A: buy a pair of chess games. There are four cars! There are also four BMWs.

26. Q: If you have been a pet for 10 years and have been in contact with a lover for one week, you must give up one. What do you choose?

A: discard a pet and send it to a lover.

27. Q: What kind of car is used for wedding?

A: The bougatti Airlines opened the road, and the Aston Martin camera, the ds8 escort in Berlin, and the bride and groom rode the donkey.

28. Q: Are you happy?

A: In the past, I was asked with an exclamation point.

29. Q: Can I Miss Yang for seven years?

A: I can never see Yang again

30. Q: four words describe your driving level

A: The traffic police are speechless.

31. Q: A person said to you, "I eat more salt than you eat !!" What is it about?

Answer: The answer is heavy.

32. Q: What qualities do you think are the most worth maintaining?

A: The error will be returned.

33. Q: What should I do if I have dug up a corpse in the garden where I bought a house? Alert?

A: Continue digging. The following are some domestic helpers.

34. Q: Is it the most cruel way to abuse yourself?

A: One person eats the KFC bucket.

35. Q: At night, I was taking a bath. Suddenly, I found that I had one more hand to take a bath for you! You...

A: Secretly hide its watch and ring.

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