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First, how to query after the expiration of the domain name kicked out

Recommended Search URL:

1. you can find the domain name you want to kick out in the last few days.

(Note: Convert to Beijing time.) For example, 7-21 off the domain name, is actually in Beijing time 7-22 of the 2 o'clock in the morning-4 delete,. org type of domain name, there are a few more than the actual deletion time in advance up to a day to kick out, this is the special case)


To delete the domain name of the world rankings (, PR value (Google's importance evaluation), etc., can be queried here.

To look carefully oh, perhaps spend dozens of yuan to register a domain name, every day can bring you thousands of IP.


In front of the two are English sites, if your English is not good, it is here to inquire about it.

Second, the registration of the name of the preparatory work

1. If you are not a genius, then please see this point to your tips.

The international domain name snatch is very intense, every day has the value tens of millions of dollars domain name to be kicked out.

But the vast majority have been caught by several well-known foreign companies.

It is recognized that there are pool,snap,enom

Usually we say that one of the rice was robbed of pool. That is to say a domain name to pool this company to be registered.

(for the domain name referred to as "Rice", in some places will be called mm, registered to a good meter, of course, is to get good mm, for their own production of domain name registration tool, referred to as "gun")

Pool (60 U.S. dollars to set prices, bidding methods, a good domain name sold tens of thousands of U.S. dollars is not surprising)

Snap (69 U.S. dollars, first order first, fixed price, if it is a special good domain name, snap but will hide the private Oh!)

Enom (many of the domestic stations can be scheduled, usually 200 yuan can be set up, bidding methods, the last two months very powerful Oh!)

For these specialized companies, the chances of individual-made robberies are very small. From the registration of the last few months to see.

Enom rapid development, pool slightly decreased, snap or not warm, anyway, is fixed price:

If you're not a genius, then the advice to you is: try to pick the domain names that don't conflict with these big companies. From the economic point of view, is a more effective method.


The data queried here is available for reference. (This is the snap reservation query.) The predetermined meter here, occasionally, can be snatched with a personal-made tool, but with a lower probability.

For example:, you rob with a personal tool, the probability of success is almost zero.

Three numbers. com, three digits. NET, three letters. com, three letters. NET

Special four number. COM (, etc.)

Commonly used English words and so on.

If you fancy, you can only ask a few big families to take the shot.

(with directly to find registered owners to buy a domain name is almost, are high prices, this is not the focus of this article, this article is focused on the personal production of "gun" registered domain name)

2. Choose a good domain registrar. This step is very important, you choose the wrong you will wait to cry.

Remember, do not choose to act as agent of the line, do not covet the price of cheap and choose to do Agent agent.

Find the top registrars directly, pay the advance payment, do the Registrar's direct agent.

Domestic registrars, individuals recommend new network interconnection

International Domain name within 4 days can be deleted free of charge, domestic domain name within 14 days can be deleted free.

(Do not think that their own vision of how good, registered domain name will certainly be able to sell a good price, a lot of may rot away, so these days the deletion period is very useful)

If you are the new network interconnection direct agents, registered domestic domain name for some reason by the villain, they will be in advance according to the agent information inside the phone notice you. Domestic other registrars, I am afraid that someone inside with you will be familiar with the phone, is usually sent email notification, after a few hours after the deletion. If you don't email every hour, I'm afraid you're going to suffer. (just getting started with friends, the domestic CN class domain name registration to be careful not to allow the individual to register oh, and some of the domain name is limited registration.) So there are some people who specifically complain about the personal registration of others. According to CNNIC, the individual registered. CN class Domain name, are to be deleted. You painstakingly registered domain name, I am afraid to be deleted unconditionally, they sit collect Shine. The domestic domain name deletion time, usually after the domain name expires 15th or 16 days, 4:30 on time deletes. Currently does not specifically provide domestic domain name completely delete list, basically have a lot of good domain name fell to no one know: but you have to query when the expired.

Foreign registrars: enom, modify the registrant without proof, as long as you have the password, you can change at any time, so your account can be protected:

This is different from the new network (the new network interconnection over the deletion period, then you can only through the written form to change the registered person. Security has improved dramatically, but it's a bit of a hassle. The ideal state, of course, is to sell in the deletion period, then the deletion of their own after the registration with someone to re-register once, and then complete the change of the registrant's work.

3, expired Domain name deletion universal law

The date of deletion of the domain name can be queried by several URLs described above.

What about the exact deletion time? The exact deletion time is now unclear, but there are some general rules.

The international Domain name deletion time, concentrates in the Beijing time morning 2 to 4 points (nearly two months concentrates at 2 O ' 3 o'clock)

If after this time period, you have not found the domain name falls down, please do not exist the lucky psychology. In fact, have been registered in the first time.

If you rob the domain name is more general, then in a few days you still have the opportunity to see again can register oh, because the common domain name may be someone else on impulse registration, and then deleted. (Domain name registration of people, often because of the impulse on a certain mm, later found not suitable for their own and sell not to go out, they threw away)

The domestic domain name usually deletes at 4:30 on time, must remember one point, is registers with the company name.

By the way. The woods are big and there are any birds. Do not think that a lot of posts or years of long people have credit.

In the actual transaction process of credit to do measurement, also do not hearsay, parrot.

For beginners, the most is to set the domain name does not give money. But in the veteran, there is no lack of relying on the plot to obtain profits.

(Some people think it's a legitimate act, everyone has a different point of view, there's no reinforcement here, I'm just saying my personal opinion)

We should be very careful when registering the CN type domain name. Don't write the company name and your registrant upside down, let alone register. For a better domain name, it is best not to delete and then register the way to change the registrant. One of the basic principles of preventing being cheated is not to covet petty benefits, and to do High-value domain name transactions with unfamiliar faces.

For example, some people will use some good domain as bait, the price is much lower than the international market. Be especially careful about these types of things. Check whois first to see if the registrant is him. Let him do a forwarding, arbitrarily specify a large site. Forward the domain name to the side to see if the normal forwarding and so on. For some high-priced domain names, it is necessary to sign the contract.

(Are you willing to trouble, or to gamble on economic risk?)

For beginners to just get started, it is best not to rush to the shots, see more, think more, in order to avoid large economic losses.

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