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We use all kinds of marketing methods, so that visitors through the direct input address, search engine search, mail or tag return visit and other means of access to the site. Willing to visit, not our marketing means clever, but they are armed with a trace of thirst, the desire to obtain: beloved items, the latest news, learning opportunities, valuable information, self-realization of self-worth, and so on, the material level and spiritual level of satisfaction. Landing the first step of the site to find treasure, navigation menu, site map, tag tags, crumbs, site search, etc. are we provide digging tools, which site search most can explain the voice of visitors.

To get to the point, how to set up the search in the station is more conducive to the use of visitors? Let's take a look at the following 22 optimization strategies [see original].

Search box Optimization

1, search box location

The search box should be placed where the visitor expects it: the upper right corner or the middle position above. Avoid the search function as a "search" text link to the navigation menu, because most visitors prefer to search in the form of a search box. You should also avoid entering boxes such as mail registration, mail subscriptions, and so on where the search box should appear, which can mislead visitors. If you have to put the message input box and the search box in a nearby location, you can display the "Please enter the mail address", "Enter search keywords" prompt.

2, search box size

The search box must be long enough to accommodate the search term, at least 30 characters, so that visitors can see most of the search term before clicking the "Search" button, confirming that the search term is desired.

3, search scope

Scoped search allows users to search in specific areas, such as books, music, DVDs, and so on. It sounds good in theory, but it's not all generic. Jacob Bu Nielsen, based on more than 10 years of usability research, shows that the problem has been uncovered, for example, if the user chooses the wrong category to search, or the user is unaware that the search is being scoped, rather than the whole station (especially when the search scope defaults to a specific area).

Therefore, you can use the Amazon way, the default full station search, and then through the results of the classification of navigation, the results of screening, accurate search.

OK, there is an exception, when the commodity information and other information fusion in the main station search bar (software industry site is more common), the use of scoping search is a good idea, such as: the discussion area, cooperation information, product information and other areas of the definition of the search.

Search Gadget Optimization

4. Automatic prompt

Another limited search measure is automatic prompting, not only to reduce error input, but also to help us recommend products and product categories to avoid "no search results" situation.

Worth learning is that the Apple site Search bar, not only to provide a range of limited search, but also through the form of illustrations, automatic display of search results, really powerful.

5, automatic error correction

Compared to "no search results", the display point result will always reduce some visitors to jump out. Enhance the search tool error input processing function, reduce the number of visitors to change word search, show it intelligent side, can let our search tool gain a lot of self-confidence.

However, automatic error correction also has the expiration time, such as "Zun" and "Zune" two meaning completely different words, but lost each other wrong. Rather than letting visitors think that the search function is wrong, it is better to hint that there are no results for XXX, to search for similar words, and to show the corresponding results.

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