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The hosted server is maintained by the customer itself, or by other authorized persons for remote maintenance.

The data center provides cabinet and bandwidth rental services to key customers ' servers, enabling the server to maintain an endless service of 24 hours per week, 7th. When you are interested in building your own web, Email, FTP, SQL Server, and the application of your site is very complex or your site's access rate is very high, you can choose to buy their own servers, for the whole machine hosting.

When users intentionally have their own web, Email, FTP, SQL and other servers, there can be two ways: one is built, the other is hosted. Self-construction needs a higher level of software and hardware professional and technical personnel, to invest in large funds to purchase hardware and software, but also to pay for the daily maintenance and transmission line communication fee, 365 days a year uninterrupted power costs, hardware firewalls and other costs, the construction cycle is also longer. Under comparison, trusteeship is economical, fast and practical.

The basic action mechanism of the Internet is the user/server (client/server), the biggest characteristic is across time and space and cross region. In other words, even if the apart, as long as everyone is on the network, the two sides can communicate directly, which provides us with an important technical means: remote control (Remotecontrol). The technical basis for server hosting and the means relied upon are mainly "user/service" and "remote control" mechanisms. That is, no matter where our users, as long as the Internet can be on the far end of the server to control, so as to achieve the server's ownership and maintenance.

Server hosting advantages, there are six major advantages!

   first, cost savings

Line: Enterprises do not have to rent expensive netcom lines, you can share or exclusive data center high-speed bandwidth.

   Ii. personnel and the scene

Personnel: By the central Professional and technical personnel all-weather consultation maintenance, eliminating the expense of maintenance personnel. Site: Perfect power, air-conditioning, monitoring and other equipment to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise server, saving a large number of construction room costs. Flexibility: Users have the flexibility to select the lines, ports, and value-added services provided by the data center as needed. Without the function limitation of the virtual Host service, the server can be configured flexibly according to the actual needs so as to achieve the full application.

   third, stability

The host is not overloaded because of a shared host, causing server performance to fall or be paralyzed. In the independent host environment, you can be strict with their own behavior and procedures, precision testing, the stability of the server to the highest.

   Four, security

When you share a host, you have different permissions for different users, which is a security risk. In a stand-alone host environment, you can set host permissions, free choice of firewalls and anti-virus facilities.

   v. Exclusive Nature

Shared hosts are shared resources, so server response speed and connection speed are slower than stand-alone hosts. Independent host can choose enough network bandwidth and other resources, and the grade of the server, so as to ensure the host response and high-speed network.

What is the difference between machine hosting and virtual host hosting?

Server hosting business can be subdivided into whole machine hosting and virtual host.

"Machine Hosting" is a server that has a network environment connected to the Internet, or rents a server to it, and customers can configure the server to be WWW, e-mail, FTP server through remote control. "Virtual host" refers to: a UNIX or NT system machine hard disk, subdivided after each disk space can be configured with a separate domain name and IP address of the WWW, email, ftp server. Such a server, when people are browsing, can not see it is shared with others a host system resources. Users who lease space on this machine can use remote control technology, such as Telnet file transfer (FTP), and have full control over the part of his space, such as the downloading of information, the configuration of application functions, and so on. "Virtual host" this way has a separate site, its performance price is much higher than their own construction and maintenance of a server, the current way to establish a site is more and more by enterprises, institutions adopted.

Machine hosting "The advantage is that the user can control the host, according to their own characteristics, the development of their own network services. have their own WWW server, to the global release of their business information, let others share, play a role in shaping corporate image, marketing products and services advertising, but also for the internet on the construction of Chinese information resources contributed to a force. At the same time, virtually also enable enterprises to have an electronic version of the company introduction. have their own email server, you can let their employees have their own e-mail box, not only to meet the needs of communication, each employee's privacy can also be effectively protected; have their own FTP server, so that customers from the Internet to transfer a large number of files and software, both convenient and economic. For enterprises to strengthen after-sales service to provide a new means.

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