Setting up Discuz and Phpwind forum under Lamp Environment (next): The Forum Builds

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First, Introduction:

Phpwind (Abbreviation: PW) is a PHP and MySQL based forum program, is one of the most popular general forum procedures. :

WordPress is a blog platform developed using the PHP language, which allows users to set up their own forums on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases.

Crossday discuz! Board (referred to as discuz!) is Beijing Kang Sheng New Technology Co., Ltd. launched a set of common Community forum software system.

Second, the experimental environment:

To facilitate login to the forum site, we use hosts for DNS resolution:

installation packages for various forums:

Third, under the lamp environment The phpwind constructs:

1, configure the Phpwind installation of the required environment:

1 Change the default encoding for Apache:

[Root@localhost ~]# vim/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

2 Configure a virtual host for the Phpwind site:

3 Edit an alias for a Phpwind site and the corresponding directory security:

4 Create a Phpwind database manually:

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