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One, SSD (solid State hard disk) is what side sacred

SSD is mainly divided into the following two categories:

SSD based on Flash: Flash chips are used as storage media, which is what we usually call SSDs. Its appearance can be made into a variety of touch samples, such as: Notebook hard disk, micro-hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive and other styles. The biggest advantage of this SSD is that it can be moved, and the data protection is not controlled by power and can adapt to all kinds of environment, but the service life is not high, and it is suitable for individual users to use.

DRAM based SSD: the use of DRAM as a storage medium, the current application of a narrow range. It follows the design of traditional hard disks, can be set up and managed by the file system tools of most operating systems, and provides industrial standard PCI and FC interfaces for connecting hosts or servers. The application method can be divided into SSD hard disk and SSD hard disk array two kinds. It is a high-performance memory, and the service life is very long, in the ointment is the need for independent power to protect data security.

Because of the use of flash storage media, it has no mechanical structure inside, so there is no data lookup time, delay time and seek time. As we all know, the mechanical characteristics of the general hard disk seriously limits the speed of data read and write, and SSD solid-state drives in the operating system is a common letter, users can completely use it as a storage medium.

(Small material: perhaps some readers will associate with the concept of "hybrid hard drive", in fact it is completely different from the protagonist of this article.) A hybrid hard drive is the most important difference between a hard drive and a solid-state drive, which refers to the extra large-capacity flash memory chip that is added to the machine's hard drive to achieve fast reading. ) Two, the extraordinary place of SSDs

First, the data access speed is fast. According to the relevant media test: Under the same configuration of the notebook computer, the operation of large image processing software can significantly feel the SSD solid state hard drive either in the save or when the file is opened faster. When the laptop power switch is pressed, the laptop with SSD is only 18 seconds from the boot to the desktop, while the laptop with the traditional hard drive has a total of 31 seconds, the gap is still quite large.

(Small data: Microsoft's next-generation operating system Windows Vista supports a technology called ReadyBoost.) This technique minimizes the delay in reading by reducing the number of times a common software is invoked from a slower mechanical hard drive via flash memory. This technique can be said to be prepared for SSDs. )

Second, durable, shockproof and anti-fall. Because of the full use of flash memory chips, there are no mechanical parts inside SSD solid-state drives, which will not affect normal use even in the case of high speed movement or even rollover tilt, and minimize the possibility of data loss in the event of accidental drop or collision with a hard object in a notebook computer.

Third, SSD solid state hard disk work very quiet, no noise produced. Thanks to the lack of mechanical parts and flash memory chip small heat, fast cooling and other characteristics, SSD solid State Drive because there is no mechanical motor and fan, working noise value of 0 db.

Four, SSD hard disk than conventional 1.8-inch hard disk weight 20-30 grams, do not underestimate these weights, notebook computers, satellite locator and other portable products, a smaller weight is conducive to portability. In addition, weight reduction also makes it possible for laptops to carry multiple SSD solid-state drives.

If from the earliest research and development began to calculate, SSD solid state Drive development has been more than 20 years of history, solid-state hard disk in the early most of the time, mainly used in military embedded systems, or high-performance computing research laboratories. With the progress of technology, now solid-state storage technology has become a civil standard, Samsung, SanDisk, Rhenium, Pqi and Granville and other international storage companies have released their own related products, the current maximum design capacity has reached 128GB, but also has a SATA interface, mainly for the notebook computer field.

Today, SSD solid-state hard disk market has been subdivided from the storage market, the technology gradually mature and perfect, and has been in the notebook computer and mainframe and other fields have been applied. Commercial areas have also been involved in finance, telecommunications, medical, electricity, aviation, telecommunications and other industries. With the application of SSD solid-state hard disk gradually expanded, the related products have been applied in various fields.

(Small data: A well-known foreign survey has shown that 2004, the world's fastest-growing storage manufacturers (annual income growth of more than 31% companies), 30% are SSD solid-state hard disk manufacturers. This bodes well for the advent of SSD solid-state hard drives. )

Iii. the current dilemma of SSDs

At present, the main obstacle to the popularization of SSD solid-state drives is the product price, in the case of 32GB, the cheapest product price is more than 2000 yuan. Second, SSD hard disk capacity can not fully meet the needs of users, to notebook computers, for example, mainstream products are equipped with 250GB hard drive, and SSD solid-state hard disk capacity of only 128GB. Again, the lack of terminal equipment support is another major problem for SSD solid-state drives.

Summary: With the specification of SSD solid-state drives escalating, let us see the future of the computer storage market New Hope. Compared with traditional hard drives, the performance improvement of solid-state drives can be described by qualitative changes. Although the current solid-state drives are still subject to the cost, capacity and other factors (currently the cost per GB SSD is about 240 yuan), but we have reason to believe that, with the advent of the Vista operating system, the focus of solid-state drives and the speed of development will be further accelerated, It's not too far to have a hard drive that is no longer fragile.

What is the difference between a solid-state drive and a common hard drive?

What is the difference between a common hard drive and a solid-state hard drive, and how does a solid-state drive and a traditional mechanical hard disk work together. What are the advantages of solid-state drives?

The advantage of solid-state hard drives is that the internal reading and writing speed is very high, and the search speed is very fast. This speed can be used in the application, but also need to see the overall platform comprehensive indicators. Ideally, the solid-state hard disk with the common hard drive, and the solid-state drive to do system disk, the computer boot speed will be increased, the speed will be much faster, especially in the case of not calling ordinary hard disk data. In the media production, a large number of material needs to be stored in the ordinary hard disk, rendering the data if the memory cache can not be placed, also need to call virtual memory to store, which also need to be in the ordinary hard disk cache, so that the solid state hard disk advantage can not be fully played.

So we can choose a solid-state drive as a system disk, and then select 2 Ordinary mechanical hard drives to make a RAID 0 array combination, combined with some tests to show that RAID 0 data reading ability on the same high-performance platform on the same speed is completely worse than the solid state drive. Of course, the budget is enough to get to the point where you can build a solid-state drive.

Depending on your computer hardware platform configuration, you can fully handle any type of hard disk combination.

Solid-state hard disk compared with the common hard drive, with the following 9 major advantages:

1. No noise. Because there are no mechanical motors and fans, the noise value at work is 0 db. Some high-end or high-volume products are equipped with fans and therefore still generate noise.

2. Low energy consumption and low capacity based on flash memory the solid state drives have lower energy consumption and calorific value at work, but higher energy consumption of high-end or high-capacity products.

3. Start fast, no motor acceleration rotation process.

4. Fast speed based on DRAM solid-state hard disk write speed is very fast.

5. There is no mechanical moving parts in the low fault, there is no mechanical fault, and not afraid of collision, shock, vibration. This will not affect normal use even in the case of high-speed movement or even rollover tilt, and minimizes the likelihood of data loss if a laptop falls accidentally or collides with a hard object.

6. Working temperature range is larger. A typical hard drive can only work within a 5-55 degree Celsius range. Most solid-state drives can work in-10~70摄氏度, and some industrial solid-state drives can work in-40~85摄氏度, or even a larger temperature range.

7. Lighter, lower-capacity solid-state drives are smaller and lighter than the same size hard drives. But this advantage gradually weakens with the increase of capacity. Until 256GB, solid-state drives are still lighter than ordinary hard drives of the same capacity.

8. No head, Fast random read, very little reading delay. According to the relevant test: two computers in the same configuration computer, with a solid state hard drive notebook from the boot to the desktop has taken a total of only 18 seconds, and the traditional hard drive notebook has spent 31 seconds, the two almost half of the gap.

9. Relative fixed read time. Because the addressing time is independent of the data storage location, disk fragmentation does not affect the read time.

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