Step by step to teach you to install the IIS components under WIN2003

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Whether it is a personal user or an enterprise user will encounter the establishment of the site, the issue of publishing pages, you know that the most effective in the Windows operating system of the most common publishing site of the tool is IIS, so to build their own site must learn to install and use the IIS components.
The IIS component version in Windows2003 is 6, and he is more secure than IIS under Win2000. So it is necessary for us to learn the installation of IIS6. This article will lead you all to start from scratch to install the IIS components under the WINDOWS2003 operating system.
The first step: By default IIS6 is not installed in the Windows2003 system, so we need to install this component manually, through the taskbar "Start-> program-> Administrative Tools-> Configure Your Server Wizard" to start the installation steps. (Figure 1)
Figure 1
Step two: The Next button appears when you are welcome to use the Configure Your Server Wizard prompt. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
Step three: The system will give you all the preparation you need to install all kinds of components, so let's move on to the Next button. (Figure 3)
Figure 3
Step Fourth: The system automatically searches for the system service components that have been installed on this computer. (Figure 4)
Figure 4
Fifth step: After the search is completed, the Server Roles window displays the system services that have been installed on the local computer and services that are not installed, except that they are distinguished by "yes" and "no" in the "Configured" section. The reader can see the application Server (iis,asp). NET) component is not installed and we need to install it. (Figure 5)
Figure 5
Step Sixth: The Application Server option appears after the "Next" button, which lets us choose whether to install other IIS-related tools, including FrontPage Server Extension and If we want to install it can be ticked in the front. Point "next" to continue. (Figure 6)
Figure 6
Step seventh: The system will display a list of the general procedures for the entire IIS component. (Figure 7)
Figure 7
Step eighth: Then start installing and configuring the IIS program. (Figure 8)
Figure 8
Nineth Step: The system will automatically invoke the installer to install, set up a file list. (Figure 9)
Figure 9
Tenth step: Prompts to insert the installation CD labeled Windows Server 2003 into the CD drive during the installation process. This is because the default is that the program and file for the IIS component are stored on the Windows 2003 CD, so we need to insert the disc. (Figure 10)
Figure 10
11th Step: When you put the Windows 2003 installation disc, you will automatically search for the files you need to install. (Figure 11)
Figure 11
12th step: Wait about 5 minutes all systems have completed the installation of IIS6 components, will eject this server is now an application server prompts. We click "Finish" button to complete all the installation work. (Figure 12)
Figure 12
13th step: After the installation, we will find the application server in the "Manage Your Server" window to appear in the interface. (Figure 13) We can also find the "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager program" in the "Start-> program-> Administrative Tools."
Figure 13
14th Step: Although we have installed the IIS components, we still have some necessary work to do. Because these operations are necessary, if you do not set these parameters in the future use of inexplicable errors, so the author also put these settings in the installation of IIS operation. We started the IIS program through the start-> program-> Administrative Tools->internet Information Services (IIS) Manager program.
Figure 14
Step 15th: In IIS Manager, in the Internet Information Services->softer (local flutter regret?-> Web site-> Default Web site), right-click to select Properties to open the IIS Settings window.
16th Step: Find the "Document" tab in the Open Properties window, because browsing the site by default does not support ASP programs, so we need to set up. Click "Add" button, enter index.asp in the pop-up window to determine. This allows the IIS site to support the ASP program, we can use ASP forums and ASP Web pages built in our website. (Figure 15)
Figure 15
Tip: In fact, there is a very simple way to determine whether the computer installed IIS components, that is, open your IE browser, in the address bar input after the return, if the "construction" of the hint that the computer installed IIS components. (provided that no changes are made to the default IIS component information) (as shown in Figure 16)
Figure 16
Summary: The IIS component is one of the most important components of the Windows system, especially the IIS6 in Windows2003, which has a significant security impact on previous versions, so it is necessary to master the installation of the IIS components and he is also an important part of Microsoft's MCSE training content.

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