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Try to do surface means;
Try to do something, but it actually means: trying to do something
For example, I tried to escape, but I failed.
"I tried to escape, but I failed. "

Try doing also means:
Try to do something, but the actual meaning is: (in order to achieve another purpose) do some try to see it.
For example,
------- "So hot here, isn' t it? "
------- "Yes, why not try turning on the air conditioner? "
"It's very hot, right. "
"Well, that is. Let's turn on the air conditioner and see if it can be cooler ."

------- "There seems to be something wrong with the new cellphone I bought yesterday"
------- 'Oh, well, I think you 'd try going back to the seller and asking for a change for a anothor .'
"The new phone I bought yesterday seems to be a problem. "
'Ah? I advise you to go to that store again and discuss whether you can change one. '

I tried using English everyday to improve my oral English.
"I speak English every day. Does it improve my oral English ."
Or "to improve my oral English, I speak English every day ."

In a word, "try to do" refers to the meaning of "doing everything with full effort and careful consideration". In addition, it seems that there is generally no success. There is a saying: "What would you like, this is the last bit of feeling.

Try doing is the kind of "(try) How is it, to see if a scheme is helpful to another result". To put it bluntly, I just proposed a scheme, I feel that even if you understand Try doing as do, the meaning is basically the same.

Just like the above sentence
------- "So hot here, isn' t it? "
------- "Yes, why not try turning on the air conditioner? "
------- "So hot here, isn' t it? "
------- "Yes, why not turn on the air conditioner? "

The meaning remains basically unchanged.

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