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If web design depends on the design of the font, then we need to learn other things?—— all you need is to understand the various elements of the font design.

Font design (Wikipedia annotation for typography) of course is more than just selecting fonts. With @font-face technology and improvements in services such as Typekit,webtype, Fontdeck, and Google Web fonts, your font design skills will not improve. You can easily create beautiful designs in just one font for the rest of your life--designers have had to do it in the past, there was no Photoshop to help, and the more fonts would only make things worse, because creativity and aesthetic sense could not be interfered with too much choice.

More toys represent more fun, right? If you choose this path, you must be prepared to pay for it. I would love to see different fonts being used, and people who can successfully use new fonts on their websites. However, I also encountered a lot of bad plans (such as MySpace). Typekit can help you preview the changed font effect in advance, which is great for web design.

It's not that I'm mean, for most web pages you should know-try looking at all your favorite Web designs, removing them, and imagining what the text and white pages would be like? When a designer says "text is an interactive design," This is not fiction, here's a look at this is called IA Site's website:

Information architects are based on excellent typography

A Working library is one of my favorite designs, this page is a plain text to show the interface, white as Qi Baishi ink, just right, the text is also very appropriate typesetting.

A Working libraryby Mandy Brown.

Some people may think this design is dull and boring, and they tend to use popular style. At the end of the time your design attention will be distracted by these unwanted visuals, so you still have to put the experience on top of the 95%, just as you are reading the article is doing well, do not need to rely on pictures can still show beautiful visual design effect.

Not as hard as you think.

You can make a first-class web page that doesn't depend on any picture. It sounds like a bit of a wild, but it really works. I am not saying that this should be the case, but if we can skillfully use the font design and white can be beautiful and decent, then add pictures, video these elements, is not more icing on the cake?

I'm not talking about images that really want to be expressed, like icons, but the image is here to be compelling. Sometimes a picture is better than thousands of words, so it's best to use pictures (but you still need to consider using white leaves). Here are more than two examples of good websites, all of which focus on text design to achieve the overall design. The first site is Blake Allen design, and the second is the Harriet Series (both sites use images to express their text designs, and you have to realize this)

When using the picture, I do not want to decide what kind of criteria such as it represents an icon-like effect, but the picture is used to show, sometimes a picture is better than the words can be considered to use (of course, pay attention to white).

Here are two examples of excellent web site designs that focus on text design to achieve the overall design effect. The first site is Blake Allen design, and the second is the Harriet Series (both sites use pictures to implement their text designs, you know what I mean):

Blake Allen design uses pictures, but it has beautiful fonts.

The Harriet Seriesby okaytype.

The above two designs interest me because the text design is not just to guide you through the process alone, it is doing it in your own style. You can feel that writing design is the expression of the designer's personal emotions. Blake Allen uses the Helvetica body to make his web page full of Swiss-style fresh, orderly frames. On the other hand, Harriet series's website appears to be a bit naughty and more exploratory. This is the beauty of the organizational chaos created by the typesetting of words.

In addition to the above special case, 99% of the designers, it is best to quietly learn the word design, if you do not understand, then the future design will not have the foundation. Do not worry about how the lack of popular elements will affect your effectiveness, you should worry about how to organize the framework of the Web page, once you have overcome this, the building blocks behind the matter is simple.

Clear is a frugal style of iOS day-to-day management applications. The touch around it is the use of gestures to control the interface, you will find that the text design is enough to solve everything and let you enjoy the application. Of course, this is the use of Helvetica font effect, if the use of the word spacing is not reasonable comic Sans font it? Outstanding text design is not necessarily a good way to attract attention, and this does not mean that it should also be in such a negative way to highlight its disadvantages.

Art of the menu is a model of the website

The Art of the menu site has made a great contribution to emphasizing the importance of font design in the field of menu design. While some restaurants are so comfortable with adding images and inserts to the menu to attract customers, it's a big mistake not to take into account the logical design structure that makes it easier for customers to navigate menus.

As a designer, you have no reason to justify yourself without a design that looks past. When you don't have the most basic frame to build, the additional design elements behind it will only make your design worse. Too many designers are trying to hide their design flaws with useless fancy objects, but they are not the same as adding fuel to the flames. If a design you look is not pleasing to the eye, it represents the user experience is not good, no matter how many pictures, sound effect, color is futile.

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