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for friends who want to brush MX4 mobile phones, you can update your software directly at the bottom of the article . The list of mobile phones supported by the Ubuntu mobile platform can be found at the following URLs:


From this table, you can see the devices currently supported by the Ubuntu mobile platform. At this time the official support of the device.

Device Android Image Name Android Driver Name
Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition Ubuntu pre-installed
Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition Ubuntu pre-installed
Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Ubuntu pre-installed
Nexus 4 Occam Mako
Nexus 7 WiFi Razor Flo
Nexus 10 Mantaray Manta

In addition, BQ and Meizu have also been released. Developers can use the following description to brush the machine.

All of Ubuntu's image can be viewed at the address:

If you already have a Nexus device, please follow the link provided below to brush the machine, you can directly experience the wonderful Ubuntu touch.


Ubuntu mobile phone Brush Machine Channel Description: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/

As long as you strictly follow the instructions above to brush the machine, there will be no problem. I used to brush my cell phone to death. Finally I followed the above steps to brush the machine, always bring my Nexus 4 back to the dead.

Currently I use the following way to brush my Ubuntu phone. We first need to open our developer mode by "How to open developer mode in Ubuntu phone". Need to set a power-on password before you can brush the machine. We need to set it in " system settings ".

$ubuntu-device-flash Query--list-channels--device=mako | grep RTM

Here " Mako" is the Nexus 4. For MX 4 handsets, the value of device corresponds to " arale".

Once we have selected our channel, we connect the phone and the computer via a USB cable. We can use the following command to brush the machine:

$ubuntu-device-flash--server http://cache-origin.system-image.ubuntu.com Touch--developer-mode--channel= Ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed--password=0000

If you want to brush 15.04 of the mobile phone software, you can use the following command:

$ubuntu-device-flash--server http://cache-origin.system-image.ubuntu.com Touch--developer-mode--channel= ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed--bootstrap--password=0000

The "devel-proposed" is used here (at different times, the corresponding software version may be different, such as 15.04, or 15.10, etc.), because the "vivid" system (15.04) is being developed. Here we open the developer mode, and also set a password "0000". Use this password when we need to use the "sudo" command on the phone to do something. "Proposed" represents a version that is being developed and may be updated daily. For a version that needs to be stable, we should choose the "Devel" channel, although not the latest version.

Note : Here the "--bootstrap" is optional. This is usually the first time you use an Ubuntu phone. It needs to boot the phone to bootloader. For information on how to get to bootloader, see the article "booting into Fastmode". For example, for Nexus 4 and MX 4, Press the Volume key down button, and hold, and then press the power button , you can enter into the bootloader mode. We can also enter into the FastBoot mode by the following command:

$ adb reboot bootloader

In general, we may not need this option (if Ubuntu has already been installed). If the bootstrap option is not available, we will need to add the "--wipe" option if we want to set the required password in developer mode. Otherwise the brush machine software does not let us brush. The screen below shows how to swipe the screenshot of the MX 4 phone (after the phone starts, execute the instructions shown below).

We can use the following command to view the phone's software version:

Of course, developers can also check the phone's version by "System Settings" on the phone.

Brush MX 4 dedicated software

For MX 4 users, we have to make sure that our phones are unlocked before we can swipe the Ubuntu phone software. Ubuntu phones purchased from the Internet are already unlocked. In addition, we must first open our developer mode by "How to open developer mode in Ubuntu phone" as described above. We can use the following command to display all the channel that can be brushed into MX 4:

$ubuntu-device-flash Query--list-channels--device=arale

We can see the following channel:

If we want to obtain a more stable MX 4 software, select the above containing the " Stable"The words of the channel. If I want to brush the latest MX 4 software, you can choose the above containing the " rc-proposed"The words of the channel. Here the "RC" stands for RElease CThe meaning of andidate.
Once we have selected our channel, we can use the following command to brush our machine. Start our machine normally and enter the following command under our terminal:
$ubuntu-device-flash--server http://cache-origin.system-image.ubuntu.com Touch--device=arale--channel Ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.zh--wipe

Currently, since MX is only available abroad, developers are advised to use the following command to brush the machine:
-Download Recovery image:http://people.canonical.com/~alextu/tangxi/recovery/recovery.img
-In the directory where the Recovery.img file is located, type the following instruction:
$ubuntu-device-flash Touch--server http://cache-origin.system-image.ubuntu.com Touch--device Arale--channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en-proposed--recovery-image recovery.img--bootstrap--developer-mode--password 0000--wipe

We can also choose its stable version of the channel:
--channel Ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en
We can press it at the same time down volume keys and power keysEnter into the bootloader mode and notice the "-- BootstrapOptions When our phone enters the bootloader state, its screen is displayed like this:

In its lower left corner there will be some very small text.
After the system starts, select Chinese can be in English package.

After the machine is finished, we can install the starting steps step by step to complete the settings we need.

Brush BQ Special software at the command line to enter the following command:

wget http://people.canonical.com/\~jhm/barajas/recovery-krillin.img

Turn off the BQ phone and press the Power + Volume up + Volume down key combination at the same time. After the phone enters the bootloader, you can see some white words in the bottom of the screen. Then, in the command line, enter the following command:

Ubuntu-device-flash--server Http://cn.system-image.ubuntu.com/touch--channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ Bq-aquaris.en--recovery-image recovery-krillin.img--developer-mode--password 0000--wipe--bootstrap

After the success of the brush machine, the start can be. For more information on the use of BQ mobile phones, you can refer to the online book BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu phone

Please note that the downloaded image is located at::~/.cache/ubuntuimages

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