Uppercase and lowercase conversions

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1 ;the ASCII code of the lowercase letter is 20H larger than the uppercase ASCII value. 2 ;For example, the ASCII value of capital A of 01000001 lowercase a is: 011000013 ;Formula A (01100001)-20H (100000) = A (01000001)4 ;A (01000001) + 20H (100000) = A (01100001)5AssumeCS:CODESG,ds:DATASG6 7 DATASG Segment8 9Db'Basic' ;Defining charactersTenDb'Information' One      A DATASG ends -  - CODESG Segment the  - Start: movAx,datasg;passing defined characters into the AX General register in 16-way -        movDs,ax;then point to the data segment address -         +        movBx0 ;set the offset address to 0 so that you get to ds:[0] = ' B ' -         +        movCx5 ;CX is set to 5 times, loop to get basic characters A     S: movAL,[BX];send DS:[BX] memory data to Al low eight-bit registers at         andal,11011111B ;Bitwise and operation of data in AL to uppercase letters -        mov[Bx],al;returns the converted ASCII to the original unit -        IncBx;BX plus 1, add 5 times, point to basic memory address -Loop s;Continue looping -         -        movBx5 ;set BX offset address to 5, point to basic in        movCx One ;Cycle 11 times -         to     s0: movAL,[BX];, get information +         orAl00100000B ;set the ASCII code's fifth bit to 1 and lowercase -         mov[Bx],al;write the converted ASCII code back to the original unit the         IncBx;add 1 in turn *Loop S0;Continue looping $     movax,4c00hPanax Notoginseng     int21H - CODESG ends theEnd Start

Uppercase and lowercase conversions

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