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What is the difference between a 1.VPS host and a virtual host and a stand-alone host?

VPS Host is a more advanced form of virtual host, virtual host is actually providing server hard disk specific space services, while the VPS host use of advanced virtualization technology, to provide users with a virtual dedicated server, so from isolation, security, resource security, user self-management and other aspects of a different.

VPS Host and independent host the only difference is that the VPS host is a virtual server, but there is no difference in functionality.

2.VPS host using what technology to achieve

The VPS host uses the Advanced Virtuozzo operating system virtualization technology realization. Virtualization technology is actually a partitioning technique. Operating system virtualization technology divides the operating system into two zones, one is the operating system kernel, to ensure the operating system, the other part of the user environment, the user can be involved in a variety of applications and services for users to run in this area, Virtuozzo virtualization technology Virtual is the user environment zone. With Virtuozzo virtualization technology, you can virtualize hundreds of virtual environments on a server that are independent of each other, completely isolated, and have separate processes, registries, administrator accounts, and so on, which, for users, are no different from using a single server. And this is what we call a VPS host

3.VPS host for what kind of users

Because the VPS with the price of the virtual host to provide a stand-alone host services. So the VPS host is suitable for all the virtual host, the independent host and the new need Internet space service all users. But medium and high-end virtual host users, low-end independent host users and all new users are more willing to accept the VPS host, it can meet these users of resources, security and reliability and service security high-level requirements, with a very high cost performance.

4.VPS host can load what kind of application

At present, VPS hosts can host all types of applications, and tested VPS hosts can host Oracle, MSSQL, SAP, IBM WebSphere and many other large applications.

It should be noted that, because the VPS is virtual after all, and the real physical machine is still a little different!

5. How do I introduce this VPS host service to new users

You can use our previous examples, the enterprise to establish an online home process and the real estate industry compared to the virtual host, independent host and VPS host, in turn, compared to Sho, luxury villas and row villas, you asked him to choose for his online home what kind of home? Obviously, the VPS host--ROW Villas-- has the highest price/performance ratio.

What are the most common problems in 6.VPS host purchase?

The most common problem is the use of VPS memory, because the VPS host itself already contains the operating system environment, so no need and hardware virtualization technology to install the additional operating system, just to provide users with the required memory resources, such as MS SQL Server's operating environment minimum memory requirements are 512 trillion, then only need the user to choose to have 512 trillion VPS host can. So choose what you need is the most important, enough is good, cost-effective is the hard truth, hehe

7.VPS hosts allow users to perform those operations

VPS hosts allow users to remotely log on to the day-to-day management of servers such as restart, backup/restore, service management, installation applications, and resource monitoring. It's just as quick and easy as running your own computer!

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