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Today, a variety of tools and plug-ins are already as much as the stars, and often the best and most useful tools are charged. To this end, we specialize in sorting out these free quality Photoshop plug-ins, hoping to be helpful to web designers and enthusiasts.

  layrs Control

Applicable version: CS6,CC

This is a basic PS plug-in, to provide you with day-to-day support. With the help of this layer control plug-in, you can easily remove unwanted layer effects, remove blank, invalid layers, grid smart objects, and flatten visual elements according to flattened design rules. In a flattened fashion today, maybe this plugin is just what you need.


Applicable version: CS6, CC

It is a handy tool for cutting layouts, exporting slices, and outputting slices for different device devices. For web designers who need to consider a multiple-size screen, the tool is an artifact. Cut&slice when you export slices, they are optimized individually according to the type of device you want. When the layer name conforms to the specific syntax rules, Cut&slice will automatically attach actions to a single layer or a set of layers according to the output device type, including cropping, scaling, and detecting button status.


Applicable version: CC

Render.ly's basic functionality is somewhat similar to Cut&slice's, but render.ly has more practical features. It allows users to leave comments on layouts and layers, then sync to the cloud and publish online. Another benefit of render.ly is that it is very smart to prioritize the more easily processed elements to improve the speed of processing layer slices.


Applicable version: cs3+

CSS3PX is an excellent tool for converting PS shapes and styles into CSS3 and Scss/sass. Its processing range is very wide, including plain text layer, inner shadow, outer glow effect, and a variety of graphics, which means that it can be the button inside and outside the shadow, edge radians are converted into style sheet.

This plug-in is based on the cloud, which is an advantage, there are problems. The advantage is that there is no need to reinstall to get the features of the new functionality, but again, its flaws come from the cloud, Css3ps needs to connect to the Internet, because everything needs to be generated and then exported on the server.


Applicable version: CS5, CS6, CC

This plugin, called composer, allows you to perform the same operation on several different layers at the same time, freeing the designer from the dreaded tedious work. Although it has a limited number of operands, it will overwrite any changes you make.


Applicable version: CS5, CS6, CC

If you need to make a variety of different size styles of the Guide page or description, then this plug-in is your choice.


Applicable version: CS5, CS6, CC

A web designer has to make stunning design work, often with some unusual fonts, unfortunately, these fonts do not appear in all browsers are normal. With this plugin, you can "try" the Web fonts directly in the PS window to see what they actually show. This plugin is directly connected to Google fonts and Weblnk calls on the thousands web font. Of course, the English fonts are mostly.

  Divine Elemente

Divine Elemente is one of the most exciting PS Plug-ins. Divine Elemente the project targets not only professional web designers, but also bloggers and webmasters who only know the basics of PS, because Divine Elemente is designed to create " The invisible Bridge between WordPress and Photoshop.

With the help of divine Elemente, anyone can create WordPress themes without dedicated front-end/back-end knowledge. All you have to do is install the plugin, create the layout with the built-in blueprints, and then convert your PS design into html/css/php code. It's amazing! The only drawback to this plugin is that it is currently available only for Windows systems. However, students who use Macs need not worry, as developers say they will release the Mac version in the near future. At the same time, developers have promised more benefits: Search engine optimization, use of HTML editor, XAMPP Support, compatibility promotion, and so on.

This plugin can be used for free, with a paid version, and a paid version that can enjoy upgrades, advanced themes/plug-ins and a range of benefits.

  Random User Generator

Applicable version: CS6, CC

When you create a Web page layout, you often need to create sample users at the same time, and these sample users have to have photos of lifelike names, and you need this plugin at this time. Just a little bit, the plugin will automatically generate a name and avatar for you a random user, it looks full of lifelike appearance, you no longer need to rummage around for it. When you are doing Web page layout design, randomly generated personas can be a good way to fill the needs of the user avatar and basic information location. This plugin was done with the help of the RandomUser API.


Applicable version: CS6, CC

Blendmeln is probably one of the most popular PS plug-ins for web designers. When web design becomes an integral part of each of your projects, it is important to control and apply high-quality Web elements at all times. So the importance of Blendmeln is highlighted: it provides a lot of design resources, and are layered psd files and vector ai files, loaded it, you need to do is based on keywords to search, and no need to leave the PS or AI window. Whether you are a PS heavy user or novice, this plug-in is you must install it?


Applicable version: CS5, CS6, CC

Come on in the bowl! Install the Flaticon plug-in, more than 38,000 flat icon to your PS window! This plug-in is made by the freepik.com website, it is also the largest network of layered PSD resource station at present. Don't miss Oh ~

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