Web site by Google quick to collect the method and quickly fled the Google sandbox

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Home first thought may be landing Google search engine website optimization services, to the search engine to submit their own site URL, this is not enough. Google launched the Google Sitemaps program, which is a great help to Google's inclusion of our website. Google sitemaps helps speed web search, which is an important first step in crawling Web pages and indexing, but there are a number of factors that affect the crawl/indexing process. Google Sitemaps lets you tell Google about your Web page (which pages you think are most important, how often they change), and lets Google crawl our web pages more effectively. So we also want to make a Google Sitemaps for our website, so the general in 2-4 days Google will be included in your site, the first collection is only included in your homepage and the homepage of the linked page. In Google Sitemaps to set the page update frequency for the daily, you only need to update your site every day, Google will keep updating your station, in a very long time Google will be deeply roaming your site, included more pages.

I'm here to introduce a way to get as many external links as possible. These links are not necessarily on the homepage of the linked site, but also in the page. In fact, your site just built, there is no traffic, want to find some good home links is not too easy. It is best to find some PR value higher (such as more than 6), updated and updated content every day, these sites Google will roam every day and update its database. When Google roams these sites and finds your URL, it crawl your site along the URL.

What methods are usually used for 2-4 days will be included in Google and MSN. Yahoo is a little slower, it may take 1-2 weeks, which is related to its search technology. How to be in some PR high, update fast website do some links? In fact, very simple, many sites have forums or allow comments, make a signature with their website address, send a few posts or comments on the line. But this URL must be active, that is, click can reach your website. According to the author's experience, Google in the discovery of your URL, the same day will be roaming your site, roaming after one or more days, Google search your Web site, you will find that your site has been included. The first listing will be your home page, which is just like Google and MSN.

Next, let's talk about the reasons for getting as many links as you've mentioned earlier. If you only have a link, a few days by Google listed is no problem, but for the first time just the home page, to wait until Google included more pages still need a certain time, maybe 1-3 weeks. This is because Google has a long roaming cycle for a new station. If you have more links outside, when Google roaming those sites, found that your Web site will come again crawl your site, the more Google crawl more frequent, this time will be deep roaming your site, included more pages. This will greatly shorten the time of Google's collection, so that Google in a relatively short period of time to collect more pages.

In the collection of a new website, the author's experience is that Google is the fastest response, included the fastest, MSN second, Yahoo slowest. Google in a few days after the inclusion, if more than a few days will be included again, in addition to your site every day, update the content of ordinary, the internal URL structure is reasonable, or one months, will be deep roaming, all included in your Web page. MSN's inclusion speed is similar to Google's, but also very fast. But generally only included in the home page, to be included more pages, it may take 2 weeks-3 weeks or so. During this period you go to MSN check your website, will see always a home page in there. 1-2 months later, MSN on your site can be fully included. Yahoo's response is the slowest, whether included in the home or deep crawl are the slowest, the first need for 1-2 weeks, to complete the collection may take 2-3 months.

To promote some new stations, by the way to study the situation of GG under the sandbox. This phenomenon is real. In front of the promotion, the average daily increase of about 30 outside the chain, most of the soft text outside the chain, fixed one-way connection 1-3 daily. From the administrator of the GG tool can be clearly seen, included in the number of each day is increasing, keyword rankings are also climbing, because the current station does not have any products, there is no content site optimization services, so I will mainly do some brand keywords, such as still guest, tea Shopping Network, green tea, scented tea, tieguanyin, such as more than 10 keywords. In a week, these keywords are ranked in the top three pages, some brand keywords have reached the top, all the situation is good.
Finally, at 15 days, all the rankings of the guest shopping net are all gone. Whether it's your unique brand name or sub page keyword. All disappeared, but included still continue to increase, it is obvious that has entered the GG sandbox.
It seems that the degree of GG to optimize the site is very low, a boundary immediately blocked. And in Baidu above, ranked and included in the situation is still good.
Since opened the head, on the test in the end, first from the perspective of GG, it should be that it thinks a new station, every day so many outside the chain, there may be cheating, there may be normal situation, but first custody to the sandbox observation. Although the network is all around GG sand box period is 3-6 months, but I always feel that at least theoretically should not be so, otherwise the new station does not have the opportunity to promote? Now whether search or management, are tending to human nature, specific problems specific analysis.
First, I checked the site for a variety of situations to make sure no details were optimized over or cheated. Secondly, it is appropriate to reduce the number of the chain, about 10 per day. At the same time, although there is no customer shopping network products, there is no new page, but I spend a few minutes a day to write something up, at least keep a fresh blood bar.
Then, in the site content, procedures, outside the chain, update, optimization, and so on, are not cheating, are under normal circumstances, I have a hunch, still customer shopping network sandbox period will not be too long.
Sure enough, adhere to two weeks later, GG back to the customer shopping Network released the sandbox, the current 10 or so the main keyword rankings are very good.
Summary: GG's sandbox phenomenon is not terrible, but everything is definitely targeted, the weight of various types of sites are also different, perhaps I this is the type of shopping site, if it is a film network or novel network, may be different consequences. Concrete analysis of specific problems. I'm only here to share this real case with you.
There is a situation, at hand, a network of novels, into the sandbox four months, but because of optimization, network novel this keyword ranking higher, so in GG, this keyword row on the second page, every day to three or four IP. Though pitifully small, there is at least a rank. But the other is included in more than 10,000 pages, a ranking is not. This can only explain the network novel this keyword high weight, so GG alone put him out of the air, the other is not mistaken, or this is an opportunity to put a key word when the breakthrough, lead the whole station escape. This phenomenon is currently under study.

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