Website creation process

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Website creation process


1. Recognize the importance of a website(FudaoC & B)

enterprise website creation should first take marketing as the basic purpose. Compared with traditional media, website marketing has obvious advantages in time, region, interaction, and cost. The main purpose of website product and service information publishing is marketing and publicity. Many enterprises do not pay much attention to the customer service functions of websites. In fact, it is very important for enterprises to better serve existing customers. Using websites can save a lot of time and money, at the same time, it can quickly respond to customers' opinions. To understand the role of a website correctly, do not underestimate the website construction, to cope with Internet access and " style = "font-family:; MSO-Hansi-font-family: 'times new Roman '; MSO-ascii-font-family: 'times new Roman '"> boss type " .

as the tool of the Internet becomes more and more prominent, the widespread application of this tool will promote the implementation of online transactions and e-commerce, therefore, the scalability of e-commerce should also be considered when conditions permit.

To avoid"Eight shares of the website"Website content: simple information such as leaders' speeches, company profiles, and business scope. The less information the website has, the less it can play. Therefore, the website content should be as rich as possible. It is best to perform integrated analysis on the Enterprise Resources and sort out the content based on the needs and market conditions. Many enterprises do not want to connect their latest products to the Internet. They are afraid that others may imitate or copy the latest products. In fact, if your products can play a leading role in the market, you should be confident that you can constantly surpass the present. Some enterprises do not know how to arrange the website content. enterprises can regard the website as a salesman. What should they say when facing customers? What is convincing to the customer?


Ii. Process

Domain Name application → space application → Webpage Design and Production

An enterprise gives a general topic, functional requirements, target customers, and images required by the website, and then asks the network company to make a general quotation and make a plan, when planning the scheme, specific instructions and quotations are provided. A good planning scheme, a professional homepage design, the price difference is relatively large.


Iii. domain name registration

Domain names can be said to be enterprise's"Online Trademark"Therefore, the choice of domain names must be consistent with the registered trademark, so that it is easy to remember. When registering a domain name, you should also note that many domain name registration service providers have changed the domain name management contacts and other items to the information of their own company when registering an international domain name, this domain name is not actually owned by you.

domain name registration price: . com 45 RMB / year, . CN 5 RMB / year . We recommend you register with a regular company, if you are looking for private or inexpensive registration, In the future, it will be a headache for you to manage domain names and handle some transfer problems.

The domain name should not be too long, and has a certain meaning and easy to remember. You can use combinations of numbers, English words, and Pinyin flexibly, and add them before and after the domain name. I , E , 51 , OK , Hao , 88 , 163 And can flexibly combine many good domain names. Can I register a domain name? You can use Baidu Google to check whether the domain name can be registered. If the domain name cannot be registered, the domain name has been first registered.


4. Space(Or Virtual Host)Application

Web Hosting is the storage space of web pages. The advantages and disadvantages and Stability of Web Hosting directly affect Website access speed. Do not use a host that is too cheap, just a proper amount of space, the main test criteria are bandwidth, host configuration,CGIPermission, database, after-sales service, stability and technical support.

Price: Generally0.5RMB/Year/MGeneral small business application150 m-300 mSpace,300 mUp to one year150RMB. Generally, virtual host providers can provide users 50 m , 100 m , 200 m Virtual Host space.

Pay attention to space Purchase: You need to check the speed and region. It is best to purchase space for your customer Region(Don't covet cheap images. Expensive ones offer expensive advantages.)-- If your customers or potential visitors are mainly from the north, you can give priority to the space of the China Netcom data center. In the south, you must first consider the telecom space; we should choose a smart dual-line host for China.


5. Webpage Design (ProgramDevelopment)

Webpage Design and corporate image recognition (VIAccording to the purpose and function of website construction, plan the desired style and whether to install programs, such as forums,CommunityAnd message board (feedback form.


6. website promotion

to help customers find your website, entrepreneurs must add their own company to the Web search engine. If you have just opened your business, it may take several months for search engines to find your company. However, if you use and and other payment systems, the customer can immediately see your website.

" although it is before the search result 10 bit is very important, but it is not necessary to rank first. " for comparison, see the top 10 name search result, the first place is not very different from the tenth place. However, to be the first place, the cost will be much higher. "


VII. Website quotation

The content decides the price, the function decides the price, the artist decides the price, the Planning and Design decides the price, the promotion decides the price, the maintenance decides the price.......Just like building a house, the price of a bungalow, and the price of a building, the difference is 108,000. The room is just a frame. What is the purpose? What functions are available? It is also a very important factor. Is there aftersales service? What is the surrounding environment? Is the road smooth? All determine the price.




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