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  1. What is the difference between the green version and the installation version?

For those who prefer simplicity, the green version can run directly without installation. You can extract it directly into any directory to run. (You need to manually set up shortcuts)

The installation version of the window browser for the world adds an installation script to the green version, offering some installation options that allow you to choose what to install. It is recommended that you use the installation version.

  Unable to run under 2.Windows 2000 system? (Prompt for missing gdiplus.dll)

Reason: Gdiplus.dll is a graphics library provided by Microsoft. window of the world the operation of the browser requires support for this file.

Solution: Click here to download, gdiplus.dll in the Windows System32 directory.

  3. Invalid default browser settings? (Click the link in other software can not call the World window browser correctly)

Reason one: Other software modified the default browser settings.

Solution One: Click on the button, select "Default Browser", you can reset the window of the world as the default browser.

Reason two: The system installs the security enhancement software, the anti-virus software and so on, has made the protection to the System key position, prohibited other software modification.

Workaround Two: Add the World window browser to the whitelist in the security software, or reset the default browser after the security software is paused.

 4. Option display not normal (blank)?

Run the following two lines of command in the Start menu → run:

regsvr32 JScript.dll

regsvr32 VBscript.dll

Note: Vista, Windows 7 systems need to run with administrator privileges.


  5. Frequently occurs the forum cookie loses the situation? (Login required for next visit after closing browser)

First of all, this is not a browser Bug,theworld browser will not automatically erase your cookies. The reasons for this problem and the solutions are as follows.


The user agent string information for the browser is stored in the cookie file. Some Web sites determine whether the user agent string in the current browser is the same as the user agent string stored in the cookie to decide if the cookie is to be used. Once there is a difference, let the cookie fail, as if you need to log in again. Almost all browsers add their own browser names to the HTTP user agent string, which helps server operators understand what browsers they use to surf the web. So, if you are using multiple browsers to rotate, it can cause a recurring need to log on, depending on the different browser user agent.

In addition: If you choose to close the browser automatically clean cookies (in the option → basic → privacy protection), the restart will naturally lose cookies.


If you need to use more than one browser to access such forums, in the options → advanced → other, check the "Unified IE and the window of the World User Agent indicator" can be.

  6. Browser windows are often transparent, through the desktop?

Reason: The browser to prevent the death of the function of the implementation of the principle is more special, need to constantly improve to avoid such problems.

Solution: Can temporarily turn off the browser to prevent the death of animation function.

 7. Large memory footprint?

Reason: Under the framework of the World Window Browser 3.0, the memory footprint is higher than the single process, but the advantage is the ability to completely release the resources occupied by the Web page after the page is closed. When used for a long time, memory usage is lower than the single process anyway. It also avoids web crashes, which can cause browsers to crash.

Workaround: You can choose to use single process mode. The benefits of a multi-process framework cannot be experienced in single process mode.

  8.CPU occupancy High?

Cause: Scripts, flash, and other elements on a Web page can cause a high CPU footprint on the page. After the web is dead, CPU consumption may also be high.

Solution: Use Shift+esc to open the Web page Process Manager, end CPU occupy ultra-high page can. The page that ends the process will appear to be in a crash state and can be recovered at any time by clicking on the "Restore Crash page" on the page.

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