WordPress Cache Plugin Wp-super-cache Installation use

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Wp-super-cache plug-in use: (Wp-postviews plugin will not be counted)

① premise is fixed link is not available by default, upload Wp-super-cache plugin, do not rush to enable.

② grants the following permissions: Add Write permission to the Wp-super-cache folder. Add write permissions to the Wp-content folder. Create a new cache folder under the Wp-content folder and add Write permissions.

③ in the site root directory wp-config.php file define (' Db_name ' on the previous line add the following code (that is, added in the wp-config.php file in the front of the statement) define (' Wp_cache ', true);//added by Wp-cache Manager

Then enable the plug-in, generally already can go to set up, if the error is followed by the following steps:

④ See Wp-content directory below there is no wp-cache-config.php this file, if not, directly the plug-in package inside the wp-cache-config-sample.php renamed wp-cache-config.php to wp-content directory ⑤ Again see Wp-content directory inside there is no advanced-cache.php this file, if not, the same plug-in package inside the wp-cache-phase1.php file renamed to advanced-cache.php same to wp-content directory ⑥ The last step in the W P-content directory to build a cache folder, and then create a new Supercache folder under the Cache folder ⑦ view the source code at the bottom of the site, if there is a text similar to the following indicates that no success, continue to modify:

<!--WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must is fixed! -

⑧ View the source code at the bottom of the site, there is a text similar to the following to open the success:

<!--Dynamic Page generated in 2.703 seconds. -

<!--Cached Page generated by Wp-super-cache on 2010-11-23 11:44:28-

<!--Super Cache--

Note: After changing the website file to go to "tester&contents" option click "Delete expired file" "Delete cache"

Wp-super-cache when the plugin is enabled, set:

One: "Easy": Tick "Caching on (Recommended)", click "Update Status"

Two: "Advanced options":

(Additional options are available) tick "Compress pages so they ' re served more quickly to visitors."

(The Gzip,godaddy host itself supports gzip-compressed output and does not require a program-generated. gz file to be opened and can be opened with the Web. config file http://boliquan.com/ windows-wordpress-webconfig-gzip/) tick "Don ' t cache pages for known users."

Do not use a cache (such as a login or comment) Expiration time limit for people you know: 0 seconds (0 means not enabled, but the cache is automatically updated when new articles are published, new comments are available) "preload" there tick "preload mode"

Three: "Preload": Tick "preload mode"

Note: All other options are available by default.

Wp-super-cache Plugin Complete Removal method:

① disables this plugin in the background.

② Delete the Wp-super-cache directory of the/wp-content/plugins/directory.

③ Delete the cache directory below the Wp-content directory.

④ Delete the wp-config.php below the Wp-content directory, advanced-cache.php two files.

⑤ Modify the wp-config.php, delete this line: define (' Wp_cache ', ' true ');

⑥ if the host is to be changed back with a. htaccess file (both the Web site root and Wp-content/cache)


This article reproduces http://boliquan.com/wp-super-cache/. Thank you author

WordPress Cache Plugin Wp-super-cache Installation use

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