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This is the second part of the WordPress development toolkit, including the official WordPress database, blank themes, WordPress design inspiration, icon library, WordPress theme release, and resources such as free and paid theme downloads. For the first part, see the WordPress developer Toolkit (on ).

3. Official WordPress Database

The official WordPress Codex contains a large amount of valuable developer information and materials.

Theme Development
WordPress theme development

The loop
Loop Mechanism in WordPress theme System

Creating an archive Index
Archiving mechanism in theme development

Customizing your sidebar
Custom side bars

Conditional tags
Condition labels used in WordPress theme Design

Stepping into templates
How WordPress templates work

Template hierarchy
Template Tree Structure

Template tags
Tags in the template

Using custom Fields
Custom content area in WordPress

Search engine optimization for WordPress
WordPress Seo knowledge and materials

4. Blank subject

Free WordPress theme framework

Empty WordPress Themes

Entry-level theme, including the most basic style

The starter Theme Project
A blank template for getting started

5. WordPress design inspiration

We love WP
The WordPress-based website Display Library is updated very quickly.

The gallery at wpcandy
Another Display Library of WordPress-based websites

Unmatched Style
This website Display Library contains a WordPress site directory

CSS glance
A large WordPress website directory

45 beautiful and creative WordPress Designs
45 beautiful and creative WordPress site designs

25 outstanding WordPress Designs
25 outstanding WordPress site designs

Creative examples of WordPress theme modifications
WordPress theme mod

60 + unusual WP blog Designs
60 + unusual WordPress Design

6. WordPress icon Library

RSS: best design practices and icons
A set of Nice RSS-feed icons

110 + free RSS icons to show off your RSS Feed
110 + free RSS feed icons

Fresh, free and gorgeous RSS/feed icons
Free and nice RSS feed icons

Cheers: a free "social" icon set
12 social media glass icons

Feed icons
Standard RSS feed icon

7. Topic Publishing

Official WordPress theme directory
WordPress official theme, which currently has approximately 300 icons

Weblog tools collection
New topic, new plug-in message Publishing

8. Free theme

  • Unmatched themes
  • Fresheezy
  • Wpseon
  • Wpthemesfree.com
  • Wpskins
  • Themes-WP.com
9. Subject transaction

Theme Forest
Topic transactions, including WordPress topics

Subject and template transactions

WordPress theme and plug-in transactions

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  • 30 free high quality WordPress Themes
  • 45 excellent blog designs (supported des exist that are powered by WP)
  • When to use magazine-style themes for blogs


  • Web Development Toolkit: 120 web development tools (I)
  • Web Development Toolkit: 120 web development tools (below)
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  • WordPress developer Toolkit (I)
  • WordPress developer Toolbox (bottom)

International Source: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/09/15/wordpress-developers-toolbox/
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