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The open-source WordPress program becomes more and more powerful. In the future, we can not only use Wordpress to create a personal blog, but also use Wordpress to create a CMS Content Management System. Many WordPress theme Seo optimizations are very good, and some AdSense ad locations are also included, so that friends who do not understand Seo and code modification can easily solve blog optimization and advertising space placement problems. Because most of the better WordPress Themes are written by netizens outside China, the font settings for English websites are generally 12 Px in the default document, and the common font sizes for Chinese fonts are 14px, therefore, we need to set the font of the WordPress theme. This article describes how to set the WordPress font in detail.

After the Domain Name Space is bound, you need to upload our WordPress program and select a WordPress topic you like in the background. (If you don't know, refer to the WordPress theme installation method ). . There are also some special themes and many style files, which will not be listed here.

WordPress font settings are mainly used to modify CSS style files. Generally, we need to modify the font-size and font-family attributes.

Font-size specifies the font size of an element. Note that it is actually set to the height of the character box in the font; the actual font may be higher or shorter (usually shorter) than these boxes ). Generally, we set the font-size of the body to 14px, and the corresponding attributes such as H1 and H2 are scaled in proportion.

Font-family specifies the font family of elements. Font-family can store multiple font names as a "rollback" system. If the browser does not support the first font, it will try the next one. That is to say, the value of the font-family attribute is a priority table for the font family name or/and class family name of an element. The browser uses the first identifiable value. The font-family of a Chinese website is generally set:

1 Font-family:,, Arial, verdana, Arial, Serif;

Therefore, we open the CSS style file, find the body in it, modify font-size to 14px, find the font-family to the font we need, and then complete the WordPress font settings.

In fact, because the CSS style files in the WordPress theme are quite different and the settings are not so simple, we need to find the font-size in various places for modification. For standard WordPress Themes, a body font style is set, and the font styles behind them are scaled proportionally. Therefore, after modifying the body, you can view the display of the blog, if you are not satisfied with the font style of a place, right-click the page to view the source code, find the corresponding style class, and modify it in the CSS style file.

This article lists the WordPress font setting methods. It may be difficult for anyone who doesn't know the HTML code to modify them. Therefore, we recommend that you read some books related to HTML and CSS styles, it is very easy to modify.

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