XAMPP common error Solutions

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XAMPP common error Solutions

1. Instructions on adding zend optimizer to xampp:

XAMPP 1.7.2 by default, PHP acceleration uses eaccelerator for acceleration, which is equivalent to Zend Optimizer, but lacks the web page encryption resolution function of zend optimizer.

The latest Zend Optimizer 3.3.3 does not support PHP 5.3x, up to PHP 5.2.x. It is estimated that it will be supported later when Zend Optimizer releases a new version. If you still want to use Zend Optimizer, you can use the following methods:

1. If XAMPP is not used, install PHP, APACHE, MYSQL, and Zend Optimizer manually.

2. Early versions of XAMPP can also be found online. Earlier versions support zend optimizer by default.

3. When Zend Optimizer 3.3 is installed, the Optimizer engine interface is automatically added to the PHP. ini file.

4. If you do not use web page encryption and only use PHP for acceleration, you can use eaccelerator.

5. The last point is that xampp is only used in the development environment. Please do not use it in the server environment, because xampp has many security issues that are not addressed, and the official website also makes this statement.

2. FAQs about APACHE startup failure

This is because APACHE cannot be started because of port occupation. However, you can restart APACHE by closing the port occupation program, or you can modify the port number.

Directory of APACHE startup error logs: D:/xampp/apache/logs,

1) Open reality(OS 10048) Generally, each socket address (Protocol/network address/port) can be used only once.:"Make_sock: cocould not bind to address 80",

At this time, you can enter CMD and press enter to enter the command line, enter netstat-ANB and press enter to check the applications that occupy the port. If too many applications are displayed, a TXT file can be generated, netstat (Space)-ano> C:/portnumber.txt

Small discovery: in cmd, if the command to enter the root directory is CD/the upper-level directory CD ..

Modify: change Listen 80 in the httpd. conf file under/XAMPP/Apache/conf to unused

2) (OS 10048) Generally, each socket address (Protocol/network address/port) can be used only once. :Make_sock: cocould not bind to address 443
No listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

Or modify the port number of the httpd-ssl.conf under:/XAMPP/Apache/CONF/extra to change Listen 443 to unused

Generally, software such as thunder and Bt occupy port 80, which can be started after being disabled. Alternatively, you can start XAMPP first and then P2P software such as thunder.

Ii. Common Use of XAMPP

1. XAMPP startup path


2. XAMPP Service Startup and stop script path

Start Apache and MYSQL: XAMPP/xampp_start.exe

Stop Apache and MYSQL: XAMPP/xampp_stop.exe

Start Apache: XAMPP/apache_start.bat

Stop Apache: XAMPP/apache_stop.bat

Start MYSQL: XAMPP/mysql_start.bat

Stop MySQL: xampp/mysql_stop.bat

Start Mercury Mail Server: xampp/mercury_start.bat

Set FileZilla FTP server: xampp/filezilla_setup.bat

Start the FileZilla FTP server: xampp/filezilla_start.bat

Stop FileZilla FTP server: xampp/filezilla_stop.bat

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