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Download Zend server from www.php.netCommunityEdition: ZendServer-CE-php-5.3.2-5.0.1-Windows_x86.exe. For PHP 5.3.2, which is used in windows, is 5.0.1.

Zend Server is an enterprise-level application server that integrates PHP, Zend framework, MySQL, Apache, phpMyAdmin, and other tools. Let's take a look at the features announced by Zend:

Bytecode accelerator (optimizer +)
Zend data cache
A certified PHP Distribution
Zend framework
Apache (or IIS integration)
MySQL (on Windows and Mac OS X)
Out-of-the-box connectivity to all common databases
Java code connectivity
Web-based PHP Administrator console

Installation is relatively simple. Double-click to run it. install it in the C:/program files/Zend path according to the installation wizard. The installation is complete smoothly. Select integration with the Apache server (port 80), while Zend server selects the default port 10081.
Zend server is configured as the virtual path zendserver, pointing to the actual physical path C:/program files/Zend/zendserver. The configuration file of Zend server is C:/program files/Zend/apache2/CONF/Zend. conf, which is included in the httpd. conf file in this path.

However, when running zendserver, an error occurs: when you open the URL http: // localhost: 10081/zendserver, report:

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, xiyi_pp@qq.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Open the Apache log and find the following prompt:

Zend enabler cannot load because of a problem in its configuration file: XML Parse error on Line 1 column 1-invalid byte '? 'At position 3 of a 3-byte sequence

Is the XML file incorrect? Open the xml configuration file (PATH % your_install_dir % zendserver/etc/zendenablerconf. XML), the first character in the first line is garbled (a "Port"), changed to the "<" character to save, and restarted the Apache server (Windows Service name: apache2.2-Zend ), OK.

The strange thing is that the file is downloaded from the Zend server, and the XML file is automatically generated during the installation process. How can it be garbled? I can only say that Zend has an error.

But the problem is not over ......

When http: // localhost: 10081/zendserver is enabled, the following report is displayed:

For optimal stability and performance, only run Zend server community edition on a supported browser. For a complete list of supported browsers see the Zend server community edition documentation resources on zend.com

I used the ie6.0 2003 browser in Windows Server 3790, but it was not supported. A supported browser was found in the http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/system-requirements:

Supported browsers:

MS Internet Explorer 7 and above
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
Apple Safari 3.0

It seems that Microsoft's ie6.0 is really the end of the road, like a street mouse, was blocked, People shouted (the recent flash seems to have suffered this fate, into the hot water ).

After firefox3.6.3 is installed, http: // localhost: 10081/zendserver is enabled. Information Display:

Welcome to Zend server community Edition
Please define your Administration Interface Password.

After setting the password, go to the PHP management interface.

Zend debugger is integrated and installed, so you can work with Zend studio 7.0 IDE for PHPCode.

author: Zhang Qing (mesh) 2010-5-3
from "mesh vision": http://blog.why100000.com
"100,000 why" Computer Learning Network: http://www.why100000.com

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