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The SK-II incident, Japan's new prime minister (ABE) released, and so on, caused more Chinese people to think, occasionally a sentiment can not hold down, talk about the national sentiment and conscience, we also think rationally about our countermeasures.

Fighting emotion

From the perspective of national sentiment, Japan has indeed brought profound pain to China-the Sino-Japanese War, the event, lugou bridge, the Nanjing massacre, and comfort women. During the eight years of war of resistance against Japanese aggression, how many Chinese people were killed and how many villages were destroyed? From this point of view, we can never forget the shame and hate of Japan and China!

From the perspective of national sentiment, it is quite simple and effective to resist Japanese goods. For example, Sony's products gradually contract in China, which directly affects Sony's competitiveness. Its profits have fallen sharply. Japanese cars are challenged in the Chinese market by automakers, General Motors in the United States, and Volkswagen in Germany.

Light Boycott Japanese goods is not enough, more effective way is to find its quality problems, such as the recent SK-II makeup products, Sony notebook battery, etc., can play a greater role. Because of quality problems, not only do the Patriots not buy Japanese products, but those who do not care about their national sentiments and do not buy Japanese products. Not only do Chinese people not buy quality-quality Japanese goods, but also people in Singapore, South Korea, even the United States, Western Europe, and other countries do not buy goods. Therefore, this is a new inspiration for us.


Development is the final principle. If we lag behind, we will suffer from humiliation. Only with development can we be confident, play a greater role in the international political arena, block the occurrence of tragedies, and host justice ......

From the perspective of reason, people will classify the past mistakes as Japanese ism and Japanese rightwards. It is a small group of people, and most people in Japan are good.

From the perspective of reason, politics is secondary, the economy is the foundation, and the people need to be wealthy, recognizing that the Japanese economy is complementary to the Chinese economy. If Japanese factories are not built in China after the boycott, they will lose a lot of foreign investment and employment opportunities... ...

From the perspective of reason, peace is the most important thing. People all over the world love peace. Therefore, we need diplomacy, strong diplomacy, or slogan diplomacy. We may look forward to a new prime minister... ...

From the perspective of reason, visiting the Yasukuni shrine is a Japanese internal affair. We should not interfere. The development of the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the desire to become a permanent member are also their own goals and aspirations. We don't need to talk much about it. Even if we say it is useless, people can continue to do what they want. Of course, we can unite most other countries in Asia to do more work that is conducive to our national interests ......

Starting from the sense of reason, relying on the historical origins and the same culture, relying on people, relying on Buddhism, Confucianism ,... ...



Strong army: changed the Self-Defense Force to the Defense Army

During Mr. Koizumi's tenure, Japan sent its Self-Defense Forces to Iraq, which had not yet completed the war for the first time after the war. Mr. Abe wants to go further. He regards the revision of the Japanese Constitution written by the Americans as the top priority after his tenure, and changes the self-defense team into the self-defense army, "He is a supporter of the new Conservative business," said a consultant who can work alongside Mr. Abe in the United States." He took a tough stance on North Korea, claiming that it would launch a preemptive strike against North Korea's missile base in front of North Korea's possible attack on Japan, and cheered in voters


A new phase of Japan's rightwards
Mr. Abe, who is the heir to Koizumi, is wearing the "Koizumi route" coat and is known as Japan's so-called "representative of the new right ". He will not openly post the old-style right-wing-like and tenacious rhetoric. Sensitive topics such as "visiting the shrine of jingguo" will also be blurred, but will be accelerated in the direction of "rightwards. Taking the shard issue of the shrine recently as an example, he just avoided it. From the truth of "silence means consent", we can see that he is the same as Koizumi on the Yasukuni Shrine issue.

 The Sino-Japanese war that may occur in 2015

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