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Document annotation Format

Reference types: Monographs [M], Selected papers [C], newspaper articles [N], journal articles [J], dissertations [D], reports [R], Standard [S], patent [P], paper concentration of the precipitation document [A]

Electronic Document Type: Database [DB], Computer [CP], electronic bulletin [EB]

Type of carrier of electronic literature: Internet [OL], CD-ROM [CD], tape [MT], disk [DK]

  A: Monographs, Essays, dissertations, reports

[Serial number] the main responsible person. Title [Document type Identification]. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication. Page number (optional)

[1] Guojun, Chen Shaoye. library catalog [M]. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 1957.15-18.

  B: Periodical Articles

[Serial number] the main responsible person. Title of the document [J]. Titles, year, Volume (period): Start Page

[1] He Ling. Read the history of Nan Ming [J]. Chinese history Studies, 1998, (3): 167-173.

[2] OU J P,soong T T,et al. Recent advance in the applications of passive energy dissipation systems[j]. Earthquack eng,1997,38 (3): 358-361.

  C: The paper concentrates the precipitation literature

[Serial number] precipitates the main responsible person of the document. The title of the original document [A]. Original document title [C]. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication. Starting and ending page number

[7] Zhongwen. Application of nonlinear programming in the configuration of combustible poisons [A]. Zhao Wei. Theory and application of operational research--Proceedings of the Fifth Congress of China Research Department [C]. Xi ' an: University Press, 1996.468.

  D: Newspaper articles

[Serial number] the main responsible person. Title [N]. Newspaper name, Publication date (edition)

[8] xide. Creating new ideas for learning [N]. People's Daily, 1998-12-25 (10).

  E: Electronic Literature

[Document Type/carrier type identification]:[j/ol] online periodical, [Eb/ol] on-line electronic bulletin,

[M/CD] CD book, [Db/ol] online database, [DB/MT] Tape database

[Serial number] the main responsible person. Title of electronic documents [identification of electronic documents and carrier types]. The publication or acquisition of an electronic document address, Publication update Date/reference date

[12] Wang Mingliang. On the development of the standardization database system of Chinese academic periodicals [Eb/ol].

[8] million Jin. Abstracts of Chinese University Journals (1983-1993). English version [DB/CD]. Beijing: China Encyclopedia Publishing House, 1996.

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