(Formerly known as "SOPC us II 7.2") How can I upgrade the system's system to Quartus II 8.0? (SOC) (Quartus II) (FPGA builder)

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Thanks to the introduction of Quartus II 8.0, many of the systems that were previously designed for the SOPC us II 7.2 system have been updated to Quartus II 8.0, why is there a heap of warning in every update of the system?

Use environment: US us II 8.0

If you use the SOPC us II 8.0 system-based system-system:

Maybe you think that as long as you generate a new version of the system builder and then initiate the next update, these warnings will not appear, but this is not the case now, the next time you attempt to activate the system, the system will still generate the messages of these users. This also makes it easier for the system to activate the system.

Why?Because generate only re-produces *. PTF generation, while remember that the system still uses the Quartus II 7.2 format.Therefore, the system generates these warnings only when the system updates the system.

The solution is very simple,Manually Save As SOPC us II 8.0 *. You can copy the original,The parameter will not be available in the later version of the system.

Although it was a very inconspicuous small notebook, I used us II 8.0 for a period of time and found that only this was the case, in order to solve the problem that every time the system updates the system, the system has a warning problem.

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