Four brilliant methods to crack the network-connected Router

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Otherwise, the system may encounter problems such as disconnection and disconnection. It is very important for us to go deep into the detailed problem of cracking the Netcom router. Next we will introduce the relevant knowledge in detail. Learn four methods to crack the network-connected router.

Four brilliant methods to crack the network-connected Router

The first method to crack the Netcom router. After N tests, the network Vanguard has cracked and shared Internet access feels faster than the current single-host dialing, not afraid of sharing, not afraid of refreshing ......, The setting is very simple. I hope all of my friends can support it. The implementation method is very simple, but two routers need to be used for two routes. Here we are an ADSL cat with a route and a TP-LInk router. If your ADSL does not have a route, let's find another one. That's the hardware requirement.

◆ Step 1: set ADSL Broadband cat to automatic dialing to disable its DHCP function. Disable the SNMP function in the security options.

◆ Step 2: connect the network cable on the ADSL cat to the WAN port of the router, set the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the router to a network segment, and enable on IE) configure the vro:

Change the WAN connection type to static IP address. Note that the wan ip address is not in PPPOE mode.) change the wan ip address to an IP address segment of the ADSL cat, for example, for the IP address of the ADSL cat.) subnet mask, Gateway, DNSS: 202. 99. ***. ***.

Another method is to crack Netcom's vro. The next method is the shared yundun software. The shared yundun (beyond the bandwidth limit) is the Simplified Chinese version 2.6, and the solution to the failure of enabling the shared yundun filter/inspiration is as follows, an error occurred while starting the shared security filter/inspiration. The cause is that the shared security driver is not correctly installed into the network components. The solution is as follows: install the shared security service and restart it automatically. Then, choose Control Panel> network connection> Local Connection and right-click "properties"> install> services. If ChinaStart Software is not displayed.

Click Install from disk, find the directory where you installed the shared Alibaba Cloud security has a Driver folder, install the netsf file. If the Filter Driver is displayed, install it, uninstall it, and install it again. If no machine is installed, install it!

The third method is to crack the Netcom router. If it is blocked by Netcom, you can also access the Internet through the proxy server. If it is not set, you can download the following software ,: after the automatic quick Proxy Server Green Edition 1.0 is downloaded and installed, the user name and password can be connected to the Internet with guest!

The fourth method of cracking the Netcom router is to prevent being blocked. You can download a firewall. I use the Kingsoft network firewall: firewall ..

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