Four common optimization problems and solutions in Web site optimization

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In the site optimization, we will encounter such a problem every day, the most disturbing than the site is the inevitable error, such as the site can not open, database connection errors, the site was attacked and so on, these are affecting the normal operation of the site of the executioner. However, put aside a series of uncontrollable factors, in the controllable factors, we do optimization will also encounter similar problems affecting the development of the site, such as the site was K, down right, included down and so on these are also the killer of the site optimization. Today, the author combined with its own optimization experience to talk about how to deal with the site optimization of common problems.

 One, included by the Qing 0 or the whole station by K

A site to include high and low relationship site is good for the search to lead friends. Included in the amount of ascension reflects the search for the content of the site, and feel that the content of the site to the user has a certain reading value. However, the volume is also the problem we often encounter, although there are many similar aspects of the network experience article, but also can not avoid the emergence of the problem included. A lot of time their site just started to include a relatively normal, but a night between the site is zero, in accordance with the normal analysis of common sense, the site is included in zero, then the snapshot is not, at the same time we can assume that the site was K. This is what we often encounter in the optimization of a big problem, then how to solve it?

1, check the website code to see if the horse is hanging or hanging dark chain.

2, check the friendship link. The sooner you get rid of the bad links that are affected, the quicker you will recover.

3, analysis Search cited the principle of grasping, to reconstruct the content of the site.

4, check the site's external chain to increase the frequency and speed, timely adjustment of the chain increase frequency and speed, to prevent the roller-style increase.

5, the use of spider crawling simulation to check whether the spider crawling smooth.

6, check whether the space is stable, unstable situation in a timely manner, do not muddy, one day, and so on.

 Second, the snapshot does not update

Site Snapshot update problem has always been to let us particularly headache, because who do not know when spiders crawl sites, spiders crawl the principle is what, stationmaster do optimization just rely on some ordinary common sense to analyze. Snapshots are not updated to prove that the spider has not updated the home page information in its database, and the snapshot does not update also let us know that there are some of the home page is not conducive to spider crawling factors. So many times the webmaster for snapshots do not update are to continue to increase the external chain to solve, in fact, the author does not think so, when the search began to discard your home page, it proves that search to start to your site optimization methods have doubts, if not processed in time, resulting in web site snapshots continue not to update, and the content you update will not reach the second. The following author to share the solution of the idea, the author has always thought that if the method is not as good as the idea, the method is limited, and the idea is to solve the problem.

1, check the code of the homepage of the website, remove the code that is not conducive to spider crawling, such as spaces, carriage return, JS code overflow.

2, check the stability of the space, unstable as soon as possible to replace, the number of IIS online can support the site at the same time online number.

3, increase the quality of the chain, according to the author, the snapshot does not update also need to increase the chain, but the need is related to Baidu, such as Baidu Space, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Bar, such as these places to carry out the chain construction.

4, check links, so as to avoid being compromised by bad links to the snapshot does not update, this is the most unjust.

5, the soft article submission, writes some has the quality the soft article to each big platform to carry on the soft article contribution, insists the one week contribution work.

6, to Baidu Center complaint, the simplest is also one of the most effective methods.

 Third, the website security question

If even the security of the site can not be guaranteed, then how can users be assured to register as a member? and the security of the site program space can not cause the attention of webmaster, no doubt is to put their own users outside the site. As before the most ball of the biggest release of the secret event, one of the role is to remind Webmaster, the importance of site security. In the site optimization, site security is also the optimization process of the problem, as previously said the site is not safe, then the management of the right is very easy to fall into outlaws or hackers hand, resulting in the horse, hanging dark chain, such as the operation of the natural site into the abyss can not extricate themselves. How should we deal with the security of the website?

1, often modify the background management password

2, the template directory and files as far as possible limit write permission. Space Control Panel go up and look at the permissions settings for the folder.

3, the website must carry on the system backup, every day must go to see the website to collect the unusual question.

4, do not put the FTP account password to tell other people.

5, often upgrade the Web site procedures, or to the official website download upgrade patches.

 Four, the site is down right

Most websites have experienced the right to be demoted, and this down right may be an uncontrollable drop right or the right to fall, for the site is down right can be said to be the site optimization of one of the most critical problems, because once the site is down right, all the keyword rankings, site traffic, included, snapshots will be affected, This will let their earlier efforts have gone with it. And for the site to be down after the right, to restore it is very difficult, after all, is the right to be down the search no longer with the site as a friendly relationship, at the same time the site is down the right also means that spiders no longer like the site, but also for the optimization of the long tail keyword is unfavorable, then we for the site is down the right to the actual recovery period how to ?

1, the protection of space stability, because the space instability is also the site is the right to drop a key factor.

2, modify the site code, remove some of the search for the adverse, such as the deliberate increase of H1 tags, homepage keyword piling, bridge page, Web site jump and so on.

3, increase the site within the chain, as far as possible within the chain of anchor text keywords, point to the page, the chain of links diversity.

4, do a good job of 301 redirect and 404 page guide, reduce the weight of the site and the user jump rate.

5, delete bad friendship links, such as the other side of the site by K or down the right, snapshot stagnation time long, optimizing cheating. At the same time to increase the relevance of strong, such as Web site building on the site to find relevant.

The above points is the author in the Web site optimization problems encountered and solutions, in fact, many times, the site's problems if not carefully analyzed, it is difficult to find the corresponding solutions, such as snapshots, a lot of webmaster think only with the chain related, in fact, this is not true, snapshots of the causes of stagnation and many aspects, such as space, program, structure and so on, so, the author suggested that in the face of difficult problems, the first to find the most important reason, this is the fast way to solve. This article by 2012 Download exclusive feeds, A5 starting, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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