Four people who will meet in their life

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Four people who will meet in their life

Life is the process of searching for love. Everyone needs to find four people in life.

The first one is yourself,
The second is your favorite person,
The third is the person who loves you most,
The fourth is the person who spent his life together.
First, you will meet your favorite person and then feel the feeling of love;
Only by knowing the feeling of being loved can we find people who love you most;
When you have been loved and learned to love, you will know what you need,
Only then will you find the person that best suits you and can get along with you for a lifetime.
But sadly, in real life, these three people are usually not the same person;
Your favorite is often not your choice;
What you love most is often not what you love most;
The longest time, however, is not your favorite or your favorite,
Only the person who appears at the most appropriate time.
How many people will you be in others' lives?
No one deliberately changes his mind. When he loves you, he really loves you,
But when he does not love you, he really does not love you,
He cannot pretend not to love you when he loves you;
Similarly, when he does not love you, he cannot pretend to love you.
When a person does not love you and wants to leave you,
You have to ask yourself whether you love him or not,
If you do not love him, never leave for poor self-esteem;
If you still love him, you should expect him to be happy,
I hope that he will never stop being with someone he really loves,
If you stop him from getting real happiness, it means you no longer love him,
If you do not love him, What qualifications do you have to blame him for changing his mind?
Love is not possession,
If you like the moon, you cannot take it down and put it in the washbasin,
But the light of the moon can still shine into your room.
In other words, if you love someone, you can also have it in another way,
Let a lover become permanent memories in his life,
If you really love a person, you need to love him as he is-love him for good, love him for bad:
Love his advantages and disadvantages,
You must never love him, but want him to become what he wants,
If you don't want to do anything, you don't love him.
If you really love someone, you cannot tell the reason,
You only know when and where your mood is good or bad, and you want this person to accompany you;
The true feeling is that they can stay together in the most difficult way, that is, they have no requirements at all.
After all, feelings must be paid, rather than just obtaining;
Separation is an inevitable test,
If your feelings are not strong enough, you have to admit defeat,
True love will not turn into resentment.
When talking about love,
The best thing is to swear by the other party, why do we want to swear by the other party,
Because we don't trust each other, we don't trust any lover,
These vows are impractical:
It cannot change my love for you!
Knowing that the Tao sea will not dry, the stone will not rotten, the earth will not be old, the sky will not waste;
Even if they do, they will not be able to live at that time.
Do not make a promise that can be fulfilled,
It is better to promise something you cannot do,
It doesn't matter if you just talk about it,
Remember: "The Impossible promise is the most touching"
In love, we talk about one set and another set;
The speaker does not believe it, and the speaker does not.
What about you? Where did I find?
Who have you met? Who met you again?

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This is a message that a friend forwarded to me. I often receive similar emails asking me to continue forwarding, claiming that if I do this, what will happen? I usually use myself as the destination, but this letter impressed me because it said: "I received this email because someone wishes you silently, because you love some people around you ". With love, everything will be desired.

This is a good luck message from New England. This letter was replicated by South African bishop solanthony, drafted by vinavula and has been transferred around the Earth for ten times. Now good luck has come to you, as long as you do, copy this letter 2O separately to send it to friends and family, so that it can work around the world, you will deliver good luck within four days, this is not a joke. You don't need to send any money, because lucky people have no cost.

have you seen this? I am quietly wishing you a blessing. * ^_^ *

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