Four Skin Care tips to make rough skin tender

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Before going to bed beauty tips 1: Vinegar beauty

Vinegar is a daily necessities of every family, and it also has a certain beauty effect. If you have the necessary conditions, you 'd better take a warm vinegar bath before going to bed. Simply add a little vinegar in the bath water, it will make you feel extremely comfortable after the bath, and the body and body are fresh. In addition, when taking a bath, you can also mix vinegar and glycerin to wipe your face at, often wipe, can make the rough skin become tender.

Before going to bed Beauty Tips 2: Do not forget the neck

We often have this feeling that people are actually old in the neck, so in order to conceal their ages, neck care is essential. The neck skin is thin and fragile. The distribution of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands is only 1/3 of that of the face, and the secretion of sebum is small. The water holding capacity is naturally much worse than that of the face, which may lead to dryness, it is easy to breed wrinkles.

So do not forget to clean the neck and apply the neck cream or moisturizing neck cream and night cream when cleansing your face every night. In short, our neck must be treated like our face.

Beauty and skin care tips before going to bed 3: Milk beauty Method

Milk has the magical power of hypnosis. In addition, it is also very beneficial to the skin. Every night, when we drink milk, we can put the rest of the milk on our face and use it as a sleep mask. If there is a need for concentrated whitening, we can also add pearl powder to the milk, so that after a period of time, we will find that the skin will become more delicate and white.

Tip 4: Facial Cleanser + soap + massage

The first essentials of evening skin care must be cleansing. Wash your skin before you fall asleep. Wash your face with facial cleanser and soap. This dual cleansing ensures no dust or make-up, so that the skin has no burden of Sleeping Beauty. Try to use face soap with few spices, and use the bubble net to make a bubble. with rich foam, you can give your face a small beauty massage. Remember that you must clean the massage with water.

Four Skin Care tips to make rough skin tender

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