Four ways to achieve two-sided document printing

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First, in the Word2007 quickly realize double-sided printing

Word is currently the most common Office software, in Word2007 to achieve double-sided printing is very simple. Click the Office Button, click Select Print in the Drop-down menu, click the Manual Duplex option in the Print dialog box (Figure 1), and then click the Print button to print. Word will first put 1, 3, 5 ... The contents of a single page are sent to the printer for printing, after printing a single page will pop up a dialog box to remind you to print, press the dialog box prompts, the paper in the paper out of the printed side and put them back into the tray, and then press "OK", you can print a two-page content.

Two, in the Excel2007 quickly realizes the double-sided printing

EXCEL2007 does not provide double-sided printing function, in Excel2007 to achieve double-sided printing, you need to download and install a small plug-in excelprinter.

Excelprinter Download Address:

After you install Excelprinter, and then turn on the Excel2007 switch to the "Add-ins" option, you will find two tool buttons (Figure 2) that are "manual duplex Printing" and "Print current Page". Click Manual Duplex, and the effect will be the same as duplex printing in Word, which will remind you to switch sides after you print a single page, and then print out the two-page content.

Third, set up printer driver to achieve fast duplex printing

There are currently a number of printer drivers that provide duplex settings. We can call the default printer installed in "Printers and Faxes" in Control Panel, right-click the default printer icon, choose Properties, open the Properties window of the printer, and in this window, you can find the item to set up duplex printing. In the case of Epson ME200, there is a duplex option (Figure 3) Under the Page Layout option of the printer Properties window, which is selected for duplex printing. and Canon IP1600 's duplex printing option is under the Page Setup option.

Tip: Be sure to install the printer's random drive disc, which is not possible with the default drivers provided by Windows. You have to change from inside if you don't need double-sided printing.

Four, use FinePrint to quickly realize double-sided printing

In addition to printer driver support for duplex printing, we can also use FinePrint to achieve double-sided printing.

FinePrint Download:

After you install FinePrint, you will add a printer named FinePrint, which you can set as the default printer or choose to print using the FinePrint printer. This will eject the FinePrint Settings window (Figure 4), select the "Double sided" option in the lower-right corner of the window, and then click the Print button to achieve double-sided printing.

The first time you use FinePrint for duplex printing, you will be prompted to obtain your printer information, you must follow the wizard prompts Step-by-step to complete the setup operation before you can print.

The above introduces four kinds of double-sided printing methods, the specific use of which is better, it depends on the actual situation. However, to remind, a lot of time to use the printer can not completely avoid the problem of multiple sheets of paper, if the two-sided printing when one but into multiple pieces of paper, then printed on the back of all the paper will be scrapped because of the wrong page. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep the printer next to the two-sided printing, once this situation occurs immediately take action.

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