Four ways to let Putty save passwords and automatically log in

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Putty Basic is I used in emergency to landing Linux/unix terminal of the first, because of its small, open source, the interface is very practical. But when you want to on the private machine, often to log on a lot of machines when you feel cumbersome, not only open a bunch of windows, but also to enter the user name and password again and again. Of course, the login user name can be saved, and I have only recently noticed this. Putty is reluctant to save the password for security reasons, believing that it is really necessary in most cases.

So I chose the securecrt, it can save the password, and is multi-Tab, the Session to VT100 Linux mode, with a very shunliu. However, today found in the SECURECRT terminal using Vim can not highlight the syntax, tried a variety of settings, but in the Putty, and then back to the bosom of Putty. To get along well, we must dig deeper into its potential, in fact, it also allows you to achieve automatic landing, or even multi-Tab way. There are four methods:

One: Using PuTTYgen.exe to generate SSH certificate, can be automatically logged on a specific machine

PuTTYgen.exe is also downloaded from the Putty.exe site, The method of SSH certificate generation and automatic login for Linux to Linux I also had a description earlier: Http:// And how to use PuTTYgen.exe please direct reference: SSH certificate let putty password-free login Linux. This method needs to do the corresponding operation on the server side, this article mainly wants to introduce the second method.

Second: With Putty v6.0 modified version, can save login name and password, realize automatic login

Putty default version can only save the login name, each time you need to enter the login password, host and login name is saved in the registry. However, because it is open source, there is a need to do a user and password to save the version, the information is stored in the file. The Save login name and password version can be downloaded in: Putty_v6.0.rar.

is set up a bit is particularly good understanding, the default version is the same. The procedure is all written in the following picture:

You can see how people change. PuTTY Source code: Modify the PuTTY 0.6 code to support the SSH password saving function

Three: With a PuTTY Connection manager manage your PuTTY login, also support Tab

PuTTY Connection Manager's official network was Blocked, want to peep a really brave fq it, This is a wrapper for PuTTY written in C # that requires a version of the. NET Framework 2.0 or higher on the machine, and allows you to use the update PuTTY version. Let's take a look at the official screenshot:

can also be compatible with the original PuTTY save the login name, but also can use their own connection to manage the separate login name and password, can be multi-Tab. If you feel that the interface is complex, you can hide the menu, toolbars, status bar, all of it, and it looks as refreshing as PuTTY.

For the convenience of everyone, or the PuTTY Connection Manager of the program from the site to be fished down here: Puttycm.rar. Where Puttycm.exe is a standalone version, you are required to install the. NET Framework,puttycm0.7.1.136beta.exe is installed, will automatically detect if there is no. NET Freamework, nothing to help you download the install.

Four: Automatic login with Shortcut

First create the Putty.exe shortcut to the desktop, then run Putty, enter host name, Port, saved session ' s name, click Save, assuming session name "QA Server", then close the window Finally, right-click the Putty shortcut, properties, target, plus the following parameters-load "QA Server"-ssh-l {username}-pw {password}, save, close;

Later run the Putty shortcut, you can automatically enter the user name and password to enter the remote computer.

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Four ways to let Putty save passwords and automatically log in

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