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In Foxmail, the message in the Inbox is selected, while holding down the SHIFT key and the Delete button to remove the message (not in the scrap box), or after deleting the message in the scrap box, suddenly discover that the deleted message is still useful.

At this point, you can take advantage of the Foxmail "Repair Mailbox" feature to find these deleted items back again.

You can click the right mouse button on the folder where you want to delete the mail (such as your Inbox or Trash box). Select "Properties", in the Pop-up Mailbox Properties window click the "Tools" tab, and then click the "Start Repair" button, complete the repair can be mistakenly deleted mail back.

Software Introduction

Foxmail is an excellent domestic email client software developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Zhangxiaolong), which was acquired by Tencent on March 16, 2005. The new Foxmail has a strong anti-spam capability. It uses a variety of techniques to identify messages, and to accurately recognize spam and non-spam messages. Spam is automatically picked up in the Junk mail box, effectively reducing the amount of spam that users can interfere with, and minimizing the time wasted by the user for handling spam.

The digital signature and encryption features are supported in Foxmail 5.0 to ensure the authenticity and confidentiality of e-mail messages. Through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to send and receive mail so that in the process of receiving and sending messages, the data transmitted by the strict encryption, effectively prevent hackers eavesdropping, to ensure data security.

Other improvements include reading and sending international mail (support for Unicode), Address book synchronization, sending and receiving mail via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, receiving Yahoo email messages, and raising and receiving Hotmail, MSN e-mail speed Support business cards (vCard), inline display attachment pictures, Enhance the local mailbox mail search function, and so on.

Foxmail Mailbox Service

Foxmail is Tencent's one-mailbox, domain name "". Foxmail can be seen as a QQ mailbox alias, QQ mailbox users can "set up-account" for QQ mailbox set up a foxmail alias.

Users can also directly apply for a Foxmail account, if you have QQ account, you can directly login, access to QQ mailbox (that is, Foxmail mailbox), if there is no QQ account, you can apply for a foxmail account, while binding a system automatically generated QQ account.

In the mail client settings, the server is to be set to "", "", essentially speaking and QQ is not a different server, is the name and QQ mailbox is not the same, Tencent to do so the purpose is to make QQ mailbox sounds more formal, Because the mailboxes that appear on the recipient side are "@foxmail. com", Foxmail is the mailbox client for many years.

Of course, since is QQ mailbox alias, its service such as mailbox space What, and QQ mailbox policy is the same.

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