Foxmail replaces Outlook with mail management, time management (Google Calendar sync), RSS feeds

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In those tangled years of outlook, although I'm still proud to solve all kinds of tangled problems, I've already given up using Outlook as my time management tool. Since always use Foxmail, believe that my dear foxmail will not be so easy to fail. So, Baidu a bit, sure enough, Foxmail recently launched version of the same can be achieved with the Google Calendar synchronization, and quite simple, very smooth to get started, a few minutes can be done.

In addition, the previous time Foxmail RSS Subscriptions Let me really sad once, these days again reviewed the Foxmail RSS subscription, it does still have a serious problem: but choose to import from the OPML file RSS feed address, It does not choose the option to place these addresses under which channel group, and does not provide a centralized approach (move, delete, and so on for multiple channel addresses). That was the problem that made me abandon my RSS feeds using Foxmail. Also because has been lazy did not look for substitutes for a long time did not see everyone's blog.

These days are also looking for RSS subscription software, tried n version of the software, the results are very dissatisfied, one of them called FeedDemon can also, but CSDN blog, there are a lot of updates, so still decided to give up this.

Coming back to see Foxmail, I tried to import several channels and put them in a group. And then export, the export of Foxmail and the previous version is not the same, is to export all the channel group as a OPML file, so that the import again in the time can be distributed according to the original group.

It also supports importing from Google Reader and QQ reading.

Actually collation this RSS address, is a definitely work, but before the other people have to come to the address is always so messy, and not all, rather than take a little time to organize a copy of their own, and then export, is once and for all. Of course, this arrangement can division of labor, such as the eight period of the eight period of finishing, nine of the period to let nine of the finishing ... So much the better.

After n days of searching, the last few common tools used: Mail management, time management, RSS feeds-add up or foxmail. But how do you know which tool is more suitable for you without comparison? The biggest benefit of comparison is that you can get more information.

About finding tools for small senses

Principle: 1, usually when browsing the Web site attention

2, look at the big company is not already have the corresponding product

3, look at the people around the use of what

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