FPP (color package), Coem (Jiangbao), MOLP (license) Introduction

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There are three types of sales of Microsoft products: FPP (color Pack), Coem (Jiangbao), MOLP (license authorization), different sales form characteristics, the following are their characteristics of the introduction:
1, FPP (full packaging products, commonly known as color package products) Product characteristics
N Retail Color Pack full Packaged product (FPP):
is a color packaged product that can be purchased through a software retail store.
must comply with the End User License Agreement ("EULA"):
Can be resold to multinational
FPP inner packaging mainly includes:
The MICROSOFT software End User License agreement is available in either print or electronic format.
Manuals and media
Holographic markings can be seen very clearly on the edge of the CD.
If the Windows XP disc is rotated in light, you can see that "Microsoft" becomes
"Genuine". These technologies are hard to counterfeit with pirated discs.
2, Coem (random product package, commonly known as simple package products) features (right image is coem appearance)
N Random Version package: Each random version of the package includes three parts:
User manual
Media discs (Windows XP products using holographic anti-counterfeiting discs)
A genuine certificate (COA) label located on the back of the manual. After the software is installed, the COA label should be affixed to the side of the chassis.
N Product Limitations:
Windows/office/windows Server
After - sales service:
The software service is provided directly by the computer manufacturer or Distributor.
3. MOLP (Open License) features
Software licenses give users the legal right to use the software. A license is required for each software program used by the user, and it is represented in the form of a license agreement. User's use of software products is governed by the terms of the license agreement and copyright laws. Under the Chinese copyright law, the production or sale of copyrighted materials (including computer programs) is illegal without the special authorization of the copyright owner. Unauthorized duplication of software is a copyright infringement, whether for sale, for free distribution, or for use by a copy.
An Open License is an authorized user's right to use the software and does not include a copy of the software's proof of entitlement. The user paid for the software authorization certificate. Software company's most valuable property is not a product, is a license! An Open License is an asset for an enterprise user!
An Open License is a legal agreement between Microsoft and each user. does not contain any floppy disks, discs, or documents. Installation media requires a separate application.
is the intellectual property, the most core part.
User-License One by one corresponds, ordered on demand, lost can be mended.
Save money and facilitate knowledge management.
The difference between genuine and pirated is not whether you have the original media, and whether you have a legal license.

FPP (color package), Coem (Jiangbao), MOLP (license) Introduction

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