Free bootstrap Management Background Template collection

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Free Bootstrap Admin Templates for Designers1. Admin Lite

Adminlte-is a fully responsive administrative template. A framework based on BOOTSTRAP3. Highly customizable and easy to use. Support for a wide range of screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops.

2. Dashboard Sidebar

This is a management background template that has a control panel or dashboard. This template has a collapsible toolbar menu and a table that can be used as a grid of data.

3. Devoops

Devoops is an adaptive free Management dashboard theme that can be used in your Web project.

4. Blocks

Blocks is a lightweight management dashboard template that originates from Cyfe. Blocks is essentially a single-page template, all you need, configured and released on one page.

5. Dashgum

Dashgum a great 15-page bootstrap management theme or dashboard. It has charts, tables, many panels, calendars, announcements, to-do lists and other functions.

6. Metro Dashboard

Metro-style Administrator dashboard templates

7. Bcore

Bcore is a fully adaptive management background template. It comes with 40 integrated plugins including charts, data tables, maps, form elements, notifications and more.

8. Metis

Free Admin template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x

9. Clean

The bootstrap theme has examples and additional UI components that are not in the bootstrap package. Fixed footer, admin panel, shadow box and more.

Ten. Charisma

Charisma is a full featured, free, high quality, responsive, HTML5 management back template, based on Bootstrap 3. There are 9 different themes.

Responsive Dashboard

This template demonstrates how AngularJS and Bootstrap 3 are integrated. This pretty free dashboard template features a collapsible vertical sidebar, font icons, alerts and scrolling tables.

Bootstrap Admin Theme

A common management bootstrap theme that can be used by individuals for free and for commercial use.

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 Bootstrap Management topic, Dashboard template or Web application user interface launch. Topics provide a variety of custom jquery plugins to add extensions to the built-in bootstrap UI.


Bootstrap 3 is a flat-style management theme


Binary Admin can be customized to manage the back or dashboard templates. This response template includes collapsible sidebar, work chart, data sheet, multi-level dropdown.


Templatevamp is a powerful and customizable management background template. With the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3, it can be used as a front-end toolkit for fast development of Web applications, lightweight, fast, and suitable for mobile websites;


A management background theme built with Bootstrap 3.x, free for both personal and commercial use.

Free Bootstrap Management background template collection

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