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IT White Collar Courses

Course Name

Course Content Introduction




Computer Fundamentals

Computer hardware knowledge, system installation, computer assembly, computer repair, computer typing, office Word, Excel, PPT Office software application


50 people





0 Tuition




WINDOWS7/8 Operating System Enterprise application

New features and benefits of WINDOWS7, installing and configuring Windows, adding Remove hypervisor, file management, backup, restore and recovery, system installation and networking, managing user accounts, passwords and logins, and more


Enterprise Network Technology and application

OSI and TCP/IP model, subnetting, VLAN, VTP, STP, ACL, OSPF and other network technologies


World top 500 Enterprise Desktop Engineer Course

Enterprise Common computer hardware and software failure, Enterprise Client security, Outlook mail client, Lotus notes mail client, print scanning machine enterprise application, projector enterprise application, service desk, event management, problem management, etc. ITIL Foundation, Spiceworks, SCSM Process Management Module usage etc.


Professional English for IT industry

Common office environment in foreign companies English listening, speaking, reading, writing and other Office English


Windows Server 2012 Server Setup and maintenance

DHCP, FTP, WEB, Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), DNS, CA, Network Load Balancing, dynamic access control, Active Directory server building and maintenance, etc.


Exchange 2010/2013

Install, manage tools, ExchangeServer2010 Mailbox server roles, manage client access, manage mail message transport, NLB, dags, manage user mailboxes, mailbox feature settings, archiving, EMS, and more


Application and maintenance of virtualization enterprise

Manage Hyper-v/vmware hosts, host settings, virtual machine snapshots, authorized user management, SMB sharing, live migration, clustering, scvmm,v-center deployment, and more


System Center 2012 Enterprise applications

1. SCCM R2 Installation and configuration, configuration boundaries, discovery, software distribution, WINDOWS7, WINDOWS8 operating system deployment, remote control, wake-up, reporting, etc.

2. SCOM R2 Installation and configuration, agent installation, Management Pack, reporting, monitoring server hard disk, memory, CPU, service, monitoring Linux equipment, etc.

3. SCVMM R2 Installation and configuration, Hyper-V integration with SCVMM, creating and deploying virtual machines using SCVMM, configuring and managing VMM libraries, self-service platforms, virtual machine backup and restore, server virtualization high availability, server virtualization monitoring and reporting, Using RDS for Remote Desktop virtualization and more

4. Installation and configuration of DPM R2


Network construction and maintenance of SME enterprises

Simulate the real environment of enterprises to build small and medium enterprises network environment, servers, etc.


Employment guidance

Domestic and foreign well-known IT outsourcing company Human Resources on interview, employment, career planning and other guidance


Brief introduction of Zhangjiakou military and vocational school

Zhangjiakou Military Vocational School was established in 2004, in recent years by Beijing several 10 IT companies commissioned, with enterprises to sign long-term talent training agreement, establish a stable strategic partnership for enterprises to develop professional Chinese and English it engineers. Adopt the unique enterprise teaching method, pay attention to the hands-on ability and the machine practice, the high salary hires the world 500 strong enterprise The experienced lecturer, the modernized computer room, and the enterprise real environment seamless docking.

Enter into a lifelong employment agreement, and all employment is assigned after graduation. After the entry of the trainees to enjoy the formal employee benefits, signed a labor contract, on five Insurance one gold, monthly performance bonuses, the end of 13 pay, the year-end award. The work ability outstanding person, will be promoted to the project supervisor, the project manager, the project director and so on position. Military and Vocational School is committed to become a professional white-collar students to provide a bridge across the dream! Our aim: to be responsible for every student!

applicants: with junior high school or above, with a certain degree of learning ability of junior high school, technical schools, vocational, college students, unemployed workers, employees can enroll. (Please note: Both sexes can apply)

Employment Direction: Chinese and English desktop Engineers, network administrators, system administrators, IT operations and maintenance engineers, System integration engineers, technical support engineers, pre-sales engineers, after-sales engineers.

mode of study: out-of-class, weekend classes, remote classes.

Our Advantages:

0 students receive state subsidy for tuition-free admission

0 learn computer from zero

0 awarded national recognition of college degree
0 targeted training by Enterprise
0 Office English course for foreign companies

0 Graduation is the industry master
0 well-known world top 500 company lecturers teach in person
0 regularly employ the project manager of Beijing well-known IT company to tell the industry development prospect and career plan

Tel: 15010520622 (Miss Zhang)

Consulting qq:759147273

Email: [Email protected]

Address: Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, workers village Road One

Enter into a lifelong employment agreement, Zhangjiakou Military Vocational Training school, trustworthy!

Free to learn desktop engineer, System engineer, system operation engineer

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