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  Q: When I use Ghost to redo the system, I am prompted with the following error (29007) writesectorfailure result=1 drive=128 sector7661808to766109. What's the reason?

A: This is a "write error" Tip that requires a disk scan.

  Q: My computer is using a SATA (serial) hard drive, but ghost cannot start in DOS. How can i solve this problem?

A: Ghost has a Win32 version starting from version 7.7, and if you want to mirror a SATA hard drive, hang a hard drive (IDE or SATA's hard drive) with Windows2000 above system installed. Install SATA driver and use Ghost32.exe to mirror another SATA hard drive under Windows.

  Q: Is there any way to disable ghost under DOS?

A: Modify, "Pause" changed to "Ghost", so Ghost became the original internal command "Pause". "Pressanykeytocontinue" is prompted when the ghost is entered, and then exits. Of course, this is not foolproof, if others use the boot disk can be used to use Ghost, another direct transmission "Ghost.exe" can also run.

  Q: I made a ghost backup of my C disk, hoping to be as small as possible in order to save, after the discovery. The Gho file has a 724MB, larger, so deleted a C disk about 200MB of the file, expect to mirror after mirroring. Gho file is reduced, the result is ghost after the size unexpectedly still 724MB, excuse me what is the reason?

A: The file you deleted may be Windows Exchange file, it is used for virtual memory, originally ghost do not save the contents of this file, so delete and the size is not deleted is the same.

  Q: I have 3 partitions C, D, E, the system C disk was ghost, and put. Gho files are placed in the D section, can you defragment the D partition?

A: It is a good idea to put backup files in an infrequently used partition, or even separate one, because defragmenting sometimes destroys backup files.

  Q: I made a ghost backup of my Windows XP system and generated 1 files. 2GB so large, in order to burn conveniently, how to divide into two. Gho file, recovery when the first disc is restored when prompted to insert a second disc (requirements are: My hard drive has three areas, only the C disk cloned to D disk, divided into two.) Gho file Save, 680MB per)

Answer: ghost-clone,dump=pdump,src=1:1dst=d:winxp.gho-split=680


You will be prompted to insert the second disc when you recover.

  Q: I downloaded the Ghost Automatic recovery CD file today, but there is a problem, GHOSTCD. Does the IMA file need to be modified for different operating system environments?

A: When burning, note that the first CD root must have Ghost.exe and Win2k.gho two files. If your mirror file is not Win2k.gho, you must modify the Autoexec.bat in the Ghostcd.ima.

  Q: I have a sata80gb hard drive, divided into three areas, C disk 8GB, D plate 60GB, the remaining for e-disk. I put the C disk Ghost to E disk, after the ghost file engraved on the CD, and finally I changed a new hard disk, capacity is also 80GB, partitions like, can ghost file to the new hard disk on the C disk restore it? Does the C disk of the new old hard drive have to be the same size? Will there be other problems?

A: The partition is greater or smaller than the original partition is not a problem, as long as your source disk files can be placed on the target disk can be. However, there are also some compatibility issues that may cause the recovery to fail after cloning. This is because the installation of the time pusher, directly in their original machine on the hard disk or CD-ROM to find a clone file, ghost data to the new machine, because the hard disk model, capacity and different settings of the system caused by the difference.

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