From Suning appliances to Kaspersky No. 04: My Undergraduate Time (supplement)

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misunderstandings that are hard to eliminate

When I was in the warehouse and store in these two stages, the teacher always have a misunderstanding to me, this misunderstanding even more intensified, is apart from the last to enter the book that thing, the most arms about me. For this there have been a few quarrels, and ultimately, I can not persuade teachers, teachers of the wonderful logic more unlikely to let me change my mind.

In fact, the reason for my own character, whether in the warehouse or in the store, I talk to you and the number of exchanges is relatively small. I admit that I am introverted, but this is not a bad character, as long as it does not affect the work of the line Bai. However, what I never thought of is that one time the teacher to talk to me, specifically speaking of me and you exchange less this matter, special emphasis on each of them a few leaders meeting, will mention me, said I and everyone exchange less. I listened to the fact that I did not care, after all, have encountered other people to my similar evaluation. It was nothing, but the next words surprised me. The teacher firmly believes that I talk to them less, the root cause is that I self-esteem, feel that I am a college student, and the other people in the store is a high school education, because I do not look at them, so I do not want to talk with them. In this case, I am simply silent, at least the teacher is also a university professor, how to come up with such a logic of God? I talk to them less, the original is because I look down on them, I know I am such a person. Company inside on the number of teachers most have culture, the professor, the sum of our chat, the original is to see us to chat with us ah.

At that time, I immediately denied, I said I was the case, and besides, I speak less, and did not affect my daily normal work, why do you have to let your employees are like from a mold printed out of the same? If my actions affect people's unity, or affect the company's income, then of course I will agree with you, I certainly correct, or really no way, I can not affect the entire company, I could even leave. But now it seems that there is no negative impact, you are here to struggle with these things, in the end who did wrong? I believe that you recruited us to come (although I was uninvited), the purpose is to help you make money, including I came here, but also hope that through my own efforts to profit for the company. But you should listen to not listen to, I said to enter the book you do not go to the end, I do not insist, Lai I talk less exchange, due to I do not see everyone, what is the reason? Do you want to chase me away? And, you said I communicate with you less, so good, I am talking to you now, but you listen to, you believe I say? You do not believe, and expect me to speak more, what is the reason?

Although I have said so much, I still can't shake the teacher's idea. I said it is also White said, this is more prompted I do not want to make a speech for the teacher to give advice. I think the teacher is completely suppress my enthusiasm, more irritating is she also always mention "other children's family" to suppress me. This "other family's child" is the classmate I mentioned before, who came to work for the teacher here during the summer vacation (also mentioned below). The teacher said he was in the company at the time, and we get along particularly well, let me learn more about him, and everyone mingle. In fact, this will only increase my aversion to him, directly leading me to the end of my classmates have no affection (of course, there are other things that led me to dislike him).

Why do you have to sit in the office? My heart is unbalanced.

Not long after being transferred to the store, I mentioned before the classmate of mine also came to work, it is also like me, I really can't find a job. Because he had been working for one months during the summer vacation, so this time to work, there is no need to go to the warehouse to exercise, the teacher directly transferred him to the Office, responsible for the supermarket business. In my opinion, this is a plum job. It's really nice to be able to sit in a quiet office and knock on the computer every day. And the most important thing is not busy every day (although he complains to me daily is very busy), do not have to do menial work, but also do not need to expand customers, and can approach the leadership, so I still envy him.

But envy to envy, my heart of course is still very unbalanced. We pay the same salary, but the work is not the same. I worked hard in the storeroom for two months, just to catch up with the spring Festival and just leave for a week. Come to store also have to stand every day, also always be misunderstood, this is why?

Although the heart is very unbalanced, but it can only do so.

It's fun to be on business.

It was not long before I came to the store, and our business manager was just going on a business trip to see how our clients ' books were selling. In fact, the business manager every two months will have to travel once, and this time just to catch up with me also to store, so the teacher let him take me also, it seems the teacher really want to let me familiar with the business. I remember when we went mainly to the Siping area (Shuangliao, pear Tree, Siping, gongzhuling, Yitong) and the Liaoyuan area (Liaoyuan, Dongfeng), it took about a week. In fact, a few more places, but also helps to close the relationship between us and the bookstore boss, in order to expect them to get more goods.

Although we went to the city of N-line, but I still think it is very interesting. For example, Siping, I think the city is still very good construction. There are also some cities, full streets are grilled quail. In some places there are no buses, no taxis, and on the streets (if that is the main street) only the kind of private van, one money, runs the line. There is even a place where there is no such van, only a human tricycle. We are two people on business, the funds are also relatively tense, so that the hotel also has to be thousands of choice can be, absolutely not enough to exceed the budget. That is the business trip, I know there is 15 dollars a night of the hotel, our daily accommodation, a person is the standard. So a trip to travel a lap, in fact, has long been a lot of insight (if this is also counted).

Our main work of course is to visit customers, in fact, all of the teacher's clients are inherited from her husband, because her husband is mainly to do teaching auxiliary books, so not all bookstores will enter our children's books. In fact, this walk a lap, our harvest is not big, essentially did not play to expand the role of customers, and even did not make customer relations to a higher level. Many bookstores only know that we do teaching aids, do not know we started to do children's books. But let me be more gratified that some bookstore boss unexpectedly still remember me, the reason is because I almost every day to inform the bookstore sent goods, so also remember me. Each boss is actually very enthusiastic, but in fact, will be helpless in the whole book market environment, teaching auxiliary words sell well, but children's books are not.

The staff at the teacher's bookstore are still very much in the sense of belonging.

The teacher's bookstore side and her husband's bookstore side of the staff still have a sense of belonging. Personnel were particularly stable and few separations occurred. But if a college student is recruited, the situation is different. After all, college students, the high-level will be very tall, which college students are willing to move books all day packing it? The teacher and her husband can't keep them. So as far as I know, the basic of leaving is college students. But when I was selling books to the teacher, our store manager left. He is a veteran of the staff, as if our teacher has not been independent to sell children's books, he was following the teacher's husband to fight.

He did not explicitly mention his resignation, but we are all privately guessing that it may have been suppressed by a degree. Because at that time, besides me, there was a business manager (also college students) came to the store to work, so from this point of view, he is a little "abdication takers" meaning. But he may not have thought that I would leave soon, and if he knew earlier, he might not have been so impulsive.

Last winter, I returned to the bookstore, of course, I did not let others see me. After six years, the vicissitudes of the book, but there is no change in the bookstore, came to the door of the teacher's bookshop, found that the manager of the separation was back. It is true that the storefront has to be managed by him.

Actually, I still like reading.

A good thing about working in a bookstore is that if you have a new book, I tend to get my hands on the first time. I was also very fond of reading, but because of professional relationships, reading books are more related to management and marketing, or a biography of well-known entrepreneurs. However, because the teacher's bookstore is mainly to do children's books business, rarely into other categories of books, so in the teacher's bookstore will rarely meet my taste books. If I had, I could have bought it at a price slightly higher than the purchase price.

I remember very clearly, in 2009, the teacher entered a batch of new goods, called Picture book. At that time, the picture book in China is a novelty, the teacher seems to want to seize the opportunity, so I would like to try, but also hope that we recommend these books to the following bookstore. But there is a serious problem in this, which is that these paintings are generally expensive. At that time a paperback version, the cheapest also get more than 20 yuan, although the picture of the wind is good, the story is quite interesting, but a book is often very thin, only a story, from this point of view, the price is not high. It was difficult to sell the books in the economy of Changchun, not to mention our customers in the N-line cities. So these paintings are not good for sale. But I still like this kind of books, among them my favorite is "Grandpa became Ghost", later I also bought a hardcover as a collection. Rumors of these stories and paintings have been through the accumulation of decades, foreigners have seen these books since childhood, including the children of foreigners are also reading these books, so these books have been verified by the N generation, it is really worth reading. But then after I left, these books sold how I do not know, and no longer concerned about the painting in China in the end sell well.

Perhaps the times have developed and everyone's income has increased, and the picture book has finally been grabbed from the doll. Now kindergarten teaching also joined the picture book, kindergarten teachers will also give parents recommend some good picture book. Although I do not know the picture of this form on the children's cognition and growth is not so much help, but I still like this form, and now there are a lot of books in the home, but my favorite, or "Grandpa became a ghost", people tear down, moving to deep.

My graduation thesis and my graduation reply

Before I pulled so many things about selling books, I seemed to have left the school thing behind, not saying it was complete. Although I have found a job, but near graduation, still have a graduation thesis to write. But it coincided with my mentor having a baby, and I had only seen her on two sides, and I had almost nothing to do with my dissertation, and I did it by myself with amazing comprehension. And, I don't know why I have to choose this topic, my graduation thesis is a very uncommon form. Everyone else is what the study of what kind of, my thesis unexpectedly is to "giant" online game write a marketing plan. Of course, the form of marketing planning as a graduation thesis, and did not say no, but this non-traditional form, in the graduation reply, is completely can not give me through. In fact, my graduate thesis is similar to this, is not the traditional form, it caused me a lot of trouble, about this I will talk about later.

I personally do not like to play online games, "giant" game is also to write the needs of the paper, play up and down to have 10 minutes of time. Writing paper is not to spend my energy, or very relaxed, after all, undergraduate requirements are very low, the school generally will not arrest the graduation, unless you are not enough credit, hanging a lot of subjects, that can only be sorry, can only delay graduation. I am very impressed with the graduation reply. We now reply, are combined with PPT to the assessment of teachers to tell their own papers, has entered the information age. However, I graduated from the university, is 2009, the graduation reply did not use PPT so advanced things, but everyone prepared a full of white paper, the outline of his thesis and important content written on the above, in the time of the reply posted on the blackboard to explain (a time also promoted the white and marker sales). This original method is really impressive, I believe many people have not seen such a scene. But let me experience, is to enrich my life experience it.

I graduated.

Our bedroom at that time was six people, speaking of our whereabouts, one of the results particularly good, stay school insurance research. And I was with the Guangdong Test came, went abroad to study. A good family, and his father together to fight a career. The remaining three (including me) have gone to work. In fact, my session, the whole School of Economics and research is also a lot of, of course, more or choose to work. But as I said before, the graduates of the Polytechnic do not have the advantage of competing with the elite graduates. And it is the management and the economy of such a lack of technical content of the professional, even if found a job, the treatment is very general. Of course, there are stronger students, learned CPA, and passed the exam, and then came to Beijing's accounting firm to work. The treatment of these people should be good (compared to others) and can challenge the 100,000-year salary (then the note will be so advertised). But more people are still struggling, and I was one of them.

According to reason, stay in Changchun words is need to find a house. But in the teacher's unit to work, she can give us to solve the problem of accommodation. She and her husband have an old house, or is quite big, to us as a staff dormitory. At that time I lived in that room three people, because the room is large, so three people will feel very spacious. I remember that I was with my classmate and colleague in the morning to move luggage out of school, is the teacher's husband unit driver, carrying the two of us to the teacher's old house that. Leaving the school is still very sad, did not expect to go so, four years has passed. But I also only lived in the teacher for two nights, later because of the book fair, I was sent to the field for one months, returned to resign. In fact, I do not like to live there, for example, especially do not understand why the toilet there to set two squat pit, the general personal home will not be so designed, is it to let employees in the toilet also more exchange? Another toilet can be normal, but the toilet is leaking. I still want to live in a normal facility where the teacher obviously makes me feel uncomfortable.


At this point, my bachelor's time is over, and I have said everything I can think of today. Although graduated, but does not mean that I will never leave Changchun science and technology, it does not mean that I left the university forever. In the future I will return to the Polytechnic, but also to the new university, which will be mentioned in the following story. Speaking of which, the story of my teacher's company is not over yet. From my graduation to my departure, there are one months, and these one months, I think it is the most interesting time I sell books and most unforgettable days. Why do you say so, I will be in the next story, for everyone to carefully.

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From Suning appliances to Kaspersky No. 04: My Undergraduate Time (supplement)

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