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As an application of streaming media technology, online movies have been "showing up" on major websites, and with the continuous improvement of network bandwidth, it is believed that online movies will attract more and more eyeballs. In order to make your personal site also has an online movie function, do you want to do it yourself to publish online movies? Whether or not, online movies will become one of the hotspots of the future network, the Institute of Publishing films should be one of the skills that must be mastered by every net worm.

On the surface, the release of online movies seems to be a very "iffy" thing, rookie netizens almost dare not think. In fact, the release of the film is in the Web page directly into the movie, and then play in the browser can be, this process and the operation of the image inserted as simple, you can easily implement in FrontPage, you can also in the HTML source file by adding control statements to achieve.

There are 2 ways to insert a movie in a Web page. One is not with the player interface, the other is with the player interface, the two methods of publishing do not have complex program code, but also do not require esoteric programming, follow the steps below you can in just a few minutes to learn to publish online movies:

Movie release without player
This way of publishing does not appear in the Web browser viewer, but use the shortcut menu commands to control the movie playback and stop, the specific steps are:

1, Run the FrontPage 2002 program, make sure the page is in view, and then move the mouse to the menu bar, followed by the insert/Picture/video command, then the system will automatically open a File selection dialog box, In this dialog, you can select the movie video file you want to publish and click the OK button in the dialog box so that you can insert the target movie into the Web page.

2, at this time the inserted movie file in the Web page editing mode only display as a small icon, everyone only in the preview state or use the browser to open this page, to appreciate its normal content;

3, in order to make the movie in the right way to play, we also need to insert a number of movie files to set some parameters to specify the mode of play online movie; When you set up, you can right-click the video file icon, from the next open shortcut menu to perform the "Picture Properties" command;

4, in the pop-up "Picture Properties" dialog box, we first open the "Video" tab page, and in which the "repeat" option selected, of course, you can also set the movie only a limited number of cycles, and in the number of settings bar input appropriate number size;

5, in this label page, if you need to play after the movie, to pause for a period of time to repeat the next time, the "cyclic delay" option is selected, and here to enter the number of milliseconds required to pause;

6, You can also be the beginning of online movies to play a number of settings, such as whether to allow the movie to open the page file automatically play the function, or set to let the mouse hover on the screen to start playing movies, etc. after the above settings, you can perform "preview" command to check if the movie is playing correctly and how it will play, if the playback is not good, you can cancel the preview, reset the movie playback parameters until the appropriate adjustment; So far, we can complete a simple film publishing task.

7, If you do not have a dedicated tool such as FrontPage, you can also be inserted directly into the Web page of the movie play code to achieve the release of the movie Online: You can first insert any picture in the page, and then use Notepad to open the page source code files, And in which to find the control picture of the "< img border=" 0 "src=" e:\*.* ">" statements;

8, change the "src" image tag name in the statement to the video tag name "Dynsrc", and point the attribute value of the tag to the relative path and filename of the target movie file. , for example, to release the Aaa.avi movie on the Internet, you can insert the "< img border=" 0 "dynsrc=" E:\aaa.avi ">" statement directly in the source code of the Web page.

9, after the completion of the code inserted, we will save the page as an HTML file, while using the browser to watch, you can see the movie you inserted. If you find the inserted movie screen is too small or proportional, you can reopen the page source code file, and add the corresponding control code in the movie, so that the movie screen and playback mode according to their own needs to set;

10, You can use the IMG in the control of the movie size tag "width=" xx "height=" "XX" to set the screen size of the movie playback, if the cancellation of this tag attribute, the browser will automatically according to the original movie playback size to display in the browser ;

11, in the IMG statement, you can also add control of the way the movie playback "start=" ... "", if you want the page to be accessed when the movie automatically play, you can set its value to "start=" FileOpen "" If you want the movie to start playing when the mouse hovers over the movie screen, you can set its value to "start=" mouseover, so that the movie will play automatically when the mouse hovers over the movie screen.

12, In addition, you can also in the IMG statement, add the ability to control the number of repeat playback mark "
Loop= "..." to allow online movies to loop the movie as needed; If you set the value to "loop=" Infinite "", the online movie will be automatically circulated indefinitely, but if you only want to play the movie again, you can not use the "loop" tag;

13, the use of "loopdelay=" ... "" Mark can set the time interval for a movie to repeat playback, for example, if its value is set to "loopdelay=" 2 "", it means that you want to suspend the time is 2 hao seconds.

Through the above settings, a good movie will be able to normally play on the Web page. Of course, the effect of this online movie may not be very ideal, in order to get a higher effect of the film release, you should also learn to bring the player's film publishing skills.

Second, the movie with the player release
In order to allow viewers to play and enjoy the movie as they wish, you can use the following method to implement the movie with the player:

1, run FrontPage 2002 programs, in the menu bar, followed by the "Insert"/"Web Components" command, then FrontPage 2002 can open a title "Web Components" dialog box;

2 . In the "Component type" option of this dialog box, you select the Advanced controls option with your mouse, and then select ActiveX controls in the Select a control option;

3 . Next in the Insert ActiveX Control dialog box, you will select the Windows Media player option so that a playback controller interface is inserted into the Web page, and you will be able to see the player when you open the page in the browser.

4 . Right-click the player you just inserted, and then execute the ActiveX Control Properties command in the shortcut menu that pops up, so the system opens the Options dialog box. In the dialog box, select the Play tab, and in the tab page, further set the various properties of the playback parameters, such as the number of cycles played, the screen size and playback volume, etc. to ensure that visitors can easily control online movies on the page;

5, set the playback properties, you can switch the FrontPage 2002 program interface to the "HTML" view, and find "< param name=" samifilename "value >" statement, and set the value attribute in the statement to "value = *.*", where "*.*" indicates the movie file name that needs to be published online and the relative path where the file is stored. Additionally, you can modify the attribute values of several other tags of the statement as needed;

6, of course, if you are very familiar with HTML syntax, you can also open the Web page source code files, to hand-design film playback controller; First, you just add the following fields to the HTML source file:

< p >

< object classid= "Clsid:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95"

Id= "MediaPlayer1" >

< param name= "Filename" value= "*.*" >

filename denotes movie name, *.* indicates location of movie file


</p >

Then save the page file so that the page can be plugged into the playback controller and movie.

7, of course, above is just the most basic code, in order to be able to better control the movie playback, you also need to add in the HTML source file for playback control of the following code:

< param name= "Playcount" value= "a" >//

A means to repeat the movie several times, such as 0 to let the movie infinite circulation;

< param name= "AutoStart" value= "a" >//

A indicates whether the movie is automatically played, 1 for automatic playback, 0 is the key to play;

< param name= "Clicktoplay" value= "a"

A is 1 to control the playback or suspend state with the mouse click, for 0 is to disable this feature;

< param name= "displaysize" value= "a" >//a to 1 to play at the original size

< param name= "Enablefullscreen Controls" value= "a"

A is 1 to allow switching to full screen, 0 to prohibit switching;

< param name= "Showaudio Controls" value= "a"

A 1 indicates that the volume is allowed to be adjusted, and 0 is prohibited.

< param name= "enablecontext menu" value= "a"

A is 1 to allow the right key menu, 0 to disable the right-click menu;

8, the correct input of the above code, and then save the Web page file, and then open the Web page with a browser, you can use the playback controller in the Web page free to play online movies.

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