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CuteFTP is the best FTP client program. It transmits fast, stable performance, user-friendly interface, can be multi-threaded upload download, is the world's largest number of users of the FTP client software.

1. Start CuteFTP Software

Double-click the "CuteFTP" in the folder to start the CuteFTP software; If you set up a "CuteFTP Simplified Chinese" shortcut on your desktop (see below), just double-click the desktop "CuteFTP Simplified Chinese" shortcut to start the CuteFTP software.

CuteFTP Green Single file version download |cuteftp v8.3.4 official Chinese version

2. Get the FTP server address, user name, password

You can access the FTP server normally only if you obtain access authorization for the FTP server. The access authorization for the FTP server obtained includes the following 3 elements:

(1) FTP server address (such as IP address or domain name address www.abc.com)

(2) User name

(3) Password

With the FTP server Licensing magic, you can continue to the following steps.

3. Set up FTP site connections

Running CuteFTP, you can get the software window shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. CuteFTP Main interface

As can be seen from fig. 1, the CuteFTP window is designed in a hierarchical and functional scene. We simply drag the mouse through the operation can be completed upload and download work! However, don't worry, it is not possible to complete the upload and download tasks, because, as you can see from Figure 1, you are not connected to any FTP server (server directory List window is still blank). To connect to an authorized FTP server, you must set the authorization objects (FTP server, username, password) that are described in the previous 2nd in the CuteFTP software. The specific methods are as follows:

(1) Open the Site Manager dialog box

Select the File | Site Manager command (or click the Site Manager button at the far left of the toolbar) to open the Site Manager dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 The Site Manager dialog box

(2) New connection site

In the Site Manager dialog box, click the New button to create a new site where you can re-enter a site name based on the characteristics of the site you are building.

(3) Enter the server address, user name and password

Click the name of your new site and enter the authorized server address, username, and password in the corresponding text box on the right, and you can refer to the settings shown in Figure 2. Except for the server address, username, and password, these three items are set according to your own authorization, and other parameters are generally consistent with figure 2.

(4) Remove firewall settings

Some servers have special requirements, such as setting up some advanced parameters, and it is more common to remove the firewall settings. Click the Edit button, pops up the Settings dialog box, clicks the Advanced tab in the dialog box, removes the check mark in the front of the "Use PASV mode" and "Use firewall settings" in the window, and finally clicks the OK button, as shown in Figure 3.

At this point, your FTP server connection is basically set up, in the dialog box shown in Figure 2, click the "Connect" button, so that you can connect to the server. If the connection is all right, the Server directory List window in Figure 1 shows the remote authorization to your server directory list.

If you want to upload files, just use the mouse to drag the "Local Directory" window files in the "Server directory List" window of the appropriate directory, download the file is the same method. In addition, you can also according to authorization, in the "Server directory List" window to create directories, delete files, file renaming operations.

4. Establish CuteFTP shortcuts

Copy the unpacked CuteFTP Software folder whole to the disk outside of C disk, the mouse on the "

Figure punctuation Right, select "Send to (N)" | "Desktop Shortcuts" in the pop-up menu, you will create a shortcut on the desktop, double-click this shortcut later, you can start the CuteFTP software.

5. Software to run the process of pop-up "please network to verify the registration file!" The reason for the window

The software has built-in official genuine registration files, the runtime needs to connect the official server to verify the registration file before normal use. If your computer has firewall software installed, in the pop-up Cuetftp Connection Network prompts window, you must choose to allow CUETFTP to connect the network appropriate options, or the following pop-up window:

The following are the common Firewall Software prompt window and option actions:

A. Rising firewall if your computer installed is rising firewall, when the following pop-up window, please select "Always allow" one.

If you last pressed the "reject" item, the above window will not pop again, then you must press the following diagram to set the side:

B. Jinshan Network Dart If you have a computer installed Jinshan Dart Firewall, when the following pop-up window, please select "Always allow", and then press "OK."

If you last pressed the "no" item, the above window will not pop again, then you have to press the following diagram to set the side:

C. jiangmin Firewall If your computer is installed Jiangmin firewall, when the following pop-up window, press the figure (1), (2) step operation.

If the last time you press the "Terminate process" item, the above window will not pop again, then you have to press the following diagram to set the side:

D. Kaspersky If your computer installed is Kaspersky, when the following pop-up window, please select "Yes-Allow program execution".

If you last pressed the "limit run" or "no" item, the above window will not pop again, then you have to follow the diagram set side can:

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