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First: Download and install

The software is downloaded as a compressed file in a. rar format. Installation is relatively simple, all the way to click the "Next" button on it.

CuteFTP Pro Installation Start screen (for some features and tools you can choose to install)

Second: interface preview

CuteFTP Pro contains the Simplified Chinese language pack, which can be set through the menu "Tools"-> "Global Options". The trial version has a duration of 30 days. The main interface defaults to display the local drive (directory), site Manager, queue, and log four windows.

CuteFTP Start trial period prompt

CuteFTP Pro Main interface

Third: Site Settings

To use the FTP tool to upload (download) files, you must first set the FTP server URL (IP address), authorized access to the user name and password. Below we will demonstrate the specific parameter settings, after reading, even the novice-level users can quickly get started, haha.

Through the menu "file"-> "new"-> "FTP site" or CTRL + N key we can make specific settings for the remote FTP server. (There are other ways, of course)

The first step: as shown in the interface, we enter the label content in the General tab (it is actually just the name of the site is a description of the FTP site). Then enter the host address (that is, the IP address owned by the FTP server), username and password (if you do not know, you can ask the operator or administrator providing the FTP service). We do not have to choose for anonymous options (anonymous means that you do not need a username and password to access the FTP server directly, but many FTP servers prohibit anonymous access).

Step two: There is a port number (21) On the Type tab, and for the port number we use the default (21) without any special requirements, without having to make any further changes.

Step three: Set the remote and local folder (directory) on the Actions tab, the remote folder is the directory that is opened by default after the FTP server is connected, and the local folder is the local file directory that is displayed by default after each entry into the FTP software (of course, If you don't know or feel trouble, you can start without setting the remote and local path, and the system will use its own default path.

All these parameters are set up, you can use ftp file upload download, very simple bar.

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