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Full access to PDF: The best PDF Software
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This article aims to introduce the most practical PDF tool that focuses on free software. That is, we will introduce quality software, rather than the maximum number of software. An earlier version of this article entitled "Conversion from PDF: Making PDF
Software summary "; after filling in more related software such as PDF reader, so changed to" full access to PDF: The best PDF software summary ". With the help of many netizens, this article is constantly updated and improved.
Charge and correct.

PDF is a file format invented by Adobe and is a portable document
Format stands for "Portable Document Format ". It has become a de facto electronic document standard. More and more electronic publications, software manuals, and filing forms are in PDF format. For more information, see
[PDF entry].

For general purpose: after converting an article into a PDF file, readers can read it normally, whether on Unix or windows, whether or not there is a Chinese font.

For the sake of beauty: After you compress a file into a PDF file, the other party will see exactly the same on the screen as you, and there will be no re-wrapping/font/scratching.

For security: In a PDF file, you can open a password, and do not allow modification, copying, and printing .......

In many cases, generating a PDF file also reduces the size of the file.

[0.2] content and description
This document describes the PDF reading, editing, and conversion software and related tools. It focuses on free software.

This document does not cover software that crack PDF protection, PDF and other format conversion software, and non-Windows environments, latex, and other software.

Some basic and important understandings
Most users only need to read PDF without generating/editing PDF. Only one PDF reader can achieve this.

If you want to create a PDF file, the correct idea is to convert it from other files (such as office, htm, and RTF, instead of using the "PDF generation software", you can choose to create, input, and typeset, and save the software. The official name (when searching online) or category of such software should be PDF
Converter, PDF virtual printer, that is, converter, virtual printer.
PDF is a file format with different versions: 1.2 ...... 1.5. The higher the version, the more powerful the function, such as supporting animation, multimedia, attachments, forms ...... However, these advanced features are not commonly used-Accuracy
It is rarely used. As the inventor and promoter of PDF, Adobe's products are the most stable. However, it is also the most expensive and the largest (to support more functions of PDF ). Third
Party A's products only support limited (usually enough) functions, but are small, fast, and inexpensive.

Most of the 3rd-party products are based on Adobe or ghostscript technology, and others are independently developed technologies.

It should be noted that many foreign software may have problems in processing Chinese PDF files. Many shared software can still be used without registration, but will add watermarks to PDF files.

Using a variety of software, you can implement a completely free PDF solution-so please do not pirated!

[1] PDF reading software
Again, PDF is mainly used for reading, not editing. Here is a DOC/RTF/
TXT, which can be read or edited. In other words, editing takes more time than reading. But PDF is not the same. Publishing PDF files is mainly for reading, not for editing.

Reading PDF is an easy solution. Most of these types of software are free of charge. The following are good examples:

① [Adobe
Reader]. It is estimated that it accounts for more than 80% of its shares. Advantages: the most stable and compatible. Disadvantage: The size is too large (50 MB is estimated ). Conclusion: It is not recommended.

② [Foxit
Reader]. Excellent domestic software. Advantages: small size, only 3 MB, Fast startup, no installation in green; excellent Chinese support. Disadvantages: no obvious disadvantages. Conclusion: highly recommended. For details, see the special document.
[Small PDF Reader: Foxit PDF Reader] [foxitreader: Ultra-small and ultra-fast pdf reader, replacing acrobat
③ [Expert PDF
Reader]. History is also long, but there are few domestic users. Some people think it is better than Foxit. [Click Here], xbeta is not too useful.
Viewer]. Xbeta is a very promising rookie, with fast updates and significant progress. It is worth a try. [Click Here] to read the trial experience of xbeta. I believe it will become Adobe
Strong competitors with Foxit.

[2] PDF production software
This part has the most content. Take a look and select it.
How is PDF made? There is not a special software. After creating a new file, enter the content in it and save it as a PDF file. Normally, after editing a document with another software, the output is
Pdf; or print an existing document as PDF. That is to say, there are two types of PDF software. The first type is the editor for other files and provides the output PDF function. The other is the virtual printer
Can print any printable document into a PDF. The former has limited processing scope, but the generated PDF will contain links, directories, bookmarks, authors, and other related information. The latter has a wide processing range, but less additional information. What are the few additional information? Depending on the specific software.

[2.1]Software that can output PDF
Office software supporting PDF
The open-source software [OpenOffice.org] strongly recommended by xbeta is not only compatible with Ms
Office format, and more expensive than Ms
Office also provides an output PDF function. It can output the edited documents, tables, and Demos
PDF files, and directory, link, and bookmarks can be retained. See [enable OOO in xbeta].
In addition, [WPS Personal Edition] for free use by individuals can also output PDF files and
Office Compatibility is better than ooo.
It is said that the large and expensive MS Office
2007 after installing a plug-in, you can also output a PDF file. If you have enough money, a large hard disk, and good machine performance, you can buy one. However, it must be noted that the two top-level journals, science and nature, have rejected Ms.
The format is 2007. In addition, please do not deploy the. DOC file as much as possible. Ms is not recommended for personal applications in xbeta.

Support for PDF text editors
For example, latex, Vim, and Emacs all seem to be able to generate PDF files.

[2.2]PDF virtual printer
There are a lot of such software. Let's review it first.
There are two types by birth:

Official Adobe: the largest volume, the most stable performance, the best compatibility, and never free.

Third parties: there are many types. Chinese users should note that many (especially small ones) cannot support Chinese characters.

Third-party tools can be divided into three categories:
ASimple English → PDF, small in size, but of little significance to domestic users (Chinese is often not supported );

BBased on Ghost
For the script product, you need to first install this GS (about 10 MB), and then install their virtual printer (3-10 MB), which usually supports Chinese characters;

CIt is self-developed (not based on gs). They are generally not free, but have good performance, small size, some support Chinese, and some cannot.
Of course, there is also a "Manual" method to generate PDF files, which is not practical, but has a deep experience. For details, refer to [xbeta tutorial] and [Lin Yunxiao tutorial].

[2.2.1] acrobat: The most classic and expensive
This is the most stable and compatible solution. Of course, it is also the largest and most expensive solution.

Recommendation index: 0% for individual users and 100% for enterprise users.
Remind beginners that Adobe's reader was previously called acrobat
Reader is used to view PDF files. This acorbat generates PDF files. Do not confuse! Perhaps Adobe realized this problem and now renamed the reader Adobe
Reader. Adobe
See [this page] or[This PDF file].

Pdffacloud: top quality but not free
[Chinese homepage] [Download: omitted]
Excellent products! Homepage: pdffacloud
The product provides creation PDF files that are simpler, more efficient, and less costly than other programs.
File solution. The pdffacloud standard version (about 500 yuan) is used to create a PDF file.
File, pdffacloud
Pro (about 1000 RMB) is used for users who require secure PDF (legal documents, company information, etc.) and other advanced features.

Xbeta believes this is a high-quality product, and its company fineprint is also a very successful sharing software vendor. I have reason to guess that it is the highest share of domestic individual and small business users.
PDF generation software. Better than Adobe
The main reason for acrobat is its small size and ease of download-the size is only 2 MB. Good support for Chinese characters and good performance in the domestic market. It is a shared software, but technically, it can also be used for a long time, only
Is Generated with an advertisement watermark. From this point of view, although it claims to be a shared software, it can also be seen as a free advertising software. The Professional edition can encrypt and print multiple documents to one PDF.

Recommendation index: 0% for individual users (too expensive); 80% for enterprise users.

Pdfcreator: My first recommendation in the Open Source world!
For more information, see
Creator: The most recommended open-source PDF generation tool (with video demonstration)
[SourceForge] is the most influential PDF generation solution in the open-source/free world. Although this may not happen in China-maybe it is complicated to install GS without a Chinese homepage? Is there any better commercial software (Piracy) available?

It has no problem with Chinese support (I only use MS once in my life
Office may contain missing characters), multiple interface languages (including simplified Chinese), encryption, and multiple options. In addition, there is an indirect way to print multiple documents into a PDF. It should be said that the function is very comprehensive. In addition to creating PDF documents, you can also generate PostScript and encapsulated
Postscript, and PNG, BMP, JPEG, PCX, Tiff, and other graphic format files.
Note: bookmarks and links are not supported when printed as PDF files. When saved, the header information cannot contain Chinese characters.

Recommendation index: 100% for open-source software, 60% for general users.

[2.2.4] cutepdf
Writer: Suitable for individual users
[Homepage] [Official download (1.6 MB)]

The cutepdf family includes a variety of software, which are free of charge and can meet the needs of basic PDF generation printing. It is also based on gs, so please download and install it from cutepdf website first
Ghostscript Conversion Program], and then install cutepdf writer.
It only provides basic functions for generating PDF files. If you need to combine multiple pages, delete and add pages, rotate pages, page size, file information change, encryption, and other functions, you can use the related tools described below. You can also download
[Cutepdf writer
Companion], seamlessly integrated with writer to achieve more functions. Note that companion has an advertisement plug-in. You can choose to install it.

Recommendation index: the first choice for public users.

Primopdf: similar to aggregator creator
Similar to the producer creator, it may be based on the former for redevelopment. Product slogan: completely free PDF creation, because it is everyone's PDF. Xbeta has been installed for a while
If the primary creator fails, use it instead. The downloaded package is about 10 MB.
Recommendation index: standby.

Movie machine: basic functions, free, advanced watermarks
[Homepage] [Download from huajun] [stream download]

I think this is an excellent product that has been buried in China! There are almost no articles about large Chinese websites. I found this software in Google English.

Its basic functions are free of charge, and advanced functions are watermarked. Excellent support for Chinese characters (support for Asian characters is directly mentioned on the official homepage). Some files I printed with an escape creator, but this software works perfectly. And in MS
Add-in to office and click to generate a PDF file.
The size is only 3.1m or 5 MB (new and old versions), and there is no Chinese version.
Recommended index: 80%.

[2.2.7] go2pdf:
PDF converter with the smallest volume (updated in 080214)
[Homepage download]
The smallest volume (download KB) is its biggest hotspot. It is estimated that many people will try it out first. Don't look at the small size, free of charge, but there are a lot of functions. For more information, see "go2pdf can convert anything into a PDF document, which can be generated and converted into a PDF document from any
Windows application software.
Supports generating illustrated PDF documents, various resolutions, adding creator information, encryption and password access, access control, font nesting, and vector font scaling. You can use this virtual printer from word,Excel,Powerpoint,
Create PDF files directly in Windows applications such as WordPerfect and Photoshop. Go2pdf is so far the world's smallest PDF production and PDF Conversion Tool, only kb, Free Software, never expired ."

Is Chinese supported? In Windows 2006-02-22 and
The test results in XP indicate that it supports Chinese characters. (It seems that there was a problem with fashion testing a few years ago)

Advantages: Ultra small, free, and support for Chinese.

Disadvantage: watermark. The PDF file generated by go2pdf has a blue text advertisement at the footer: Create
PDF with go2pdf for free, if you with to remove this line, click
Here to buy virtual PDF printer.

Use Cases: You need to download the PDF generation software temporarily to create PDF documents with low requirements.

Its commercial version is [Virtual PDF
Printer], the size is about 1.3 MB.

Winpdf (free): for reference only
[Click here to download], free of charge, v1.00,
738kb, in English, for your reference only.

[2.2.9] PDF-T-maker: advanced free solution that requires hands-on

I learned this method from Shui Mu illh. It can generate PDF files with links and directories for Word files.

The idea is that word files generate PS files through macros + PS printers, and then generate PDF files using distiller. Not suitable for beginners.

PDF-T-maker is the macro of VBA. After downloading and installing the latest version, call it in the word menu or toolbar.

For PS printers, choose Adobe's free PS driver 7.5 MB: Adobe universal.
Postscript windows
Driver Installer 1.0.6-Chinese
Simplified, or other PS printers;
Distiller can choose ...... /GS/gs8.53/lib/ps21_14.bat. if you cannot find gswin32c.exe at runtime, you can
Copy the bin directory or add it to the path. (Optional) the newly installed gswill have gswin32c.exe. If it is the Gs that comes with the generator creator, it is likely that this article does not exist.

Then, press the button in word to generate a PDF file with a directory.

[3] PDF Auxiliary Tools
Including encryption, merging, splitting, and modifying file information.

Becypdfmetaeditpdf: a free and small PDF File Information Modification Tool

This free and installation-free tool of KB can be used to modify the header information, add bookmarks, and add a password. Therefore, this tool adds the above basic printer, which is equivalent to the advanced printer! Like!


Mbtpdfasm/becypdfasm: free and small PDF processing tool

Mbtpdfasm: [homepage]
Command Line program. Only kb, free of charge. It mainly combines PDF files and has multiple functions, such as extracting PDF file information, extracting some pages in the middle, merging multiple files, encrypting new files, and adding bookmarks. If the bookmarks are Chinese characters, they are garbled and do not affect the text.

Becypdfasm: [homepage]
The graphical interface of the above program must be used together to facilitate operations.
In fact, the command line also has the advantage of adding multiple bookmarks at a time. The following is an example:

Mbtpdfasm-mold. PDF-dnew. pdf -oa.txt
Convert old.txt into new.txt to generate bookmarks.
A.txt contains the following content:
1 0 1 1 order
2 1 1 2 order 2
3 0 1 10 last page
The format is: Number 1 digit 2 digit 3 digit 4 string
The number 1 can be interpreted as the row number 1 2 3 ......
Number 2 indicates the serial number of the upper-level directory of the row (in the above example, the upper-level directory of the second row is 2nd rows), and 0 indicates that the upper-level directory has no upper-level directory.

Number 3 indicates the sequence number. If the first line of books has n subitems, the order is determined here.

Number 4 indicates the page number
The string is the content of the bookmarks. Note: Chinese bookmarks are garbled in PDF!

[3.3] pdftk: Free powerful command line PDF tool!
[Homepage] [Download]
[Stream download]

This is an extremely powerful tool! It can split, merge, encrypt, decrypt, fill in tables, watermarks, attachments, and edit file header information. That is to say, if only one PDF tool is retained, it is the best choice. There is only one EXE, with a size of about 1.5 MB.

You must read [application example] To learn how powerful it is!

[3.4] Other PDF tools
PDF compress 1.00: free, [Download Page]. Reduce the original size of the PDF file by compressing text and images. Download about 900kb.

PDF info 1.00: free, [Download Page]. Change PDF
File attributes, including author, title, topic, keyword, creator, and creator information. Download 900kb.

PDF watermark Creator: [homepage], Free Software, kb. Add a watermark to a PDF file. This software and the following two are from coolpdf.

The kb free software is used to change the compression ratio, basic information, and page display effect of PDF files.

Bundle]: [interface] kb Free Software, used to add attachments (such as PPT, zip,
Note: There are still a lot of malware
Converter is good, but it is not much better than pdffacloud (or slightly worse, so it is not introduced)

Conversion between PDF and other formats
. Some conversions are irreversible, so do not expect good results.

[5] online application processing PDF
[1, 5.1] [www.pdfescape.com]
You can open and edit PDF files online, add text, fill in tables, add links, and add new fields to PDF files. Free of charge, no installation required. Javascript is required.


[1, 5.2] [www.pdfonline.com]
Generate PDF files online, from Ms
Generate PDF files for office, htm, TXT files, and various graphic formats. It cannot exceed 2 MB. The result is sent to your mailbox.


[6] related resources: Summary of PDF by others/website
Conclusion]: The English web page is of good quality. However, the evaluation of some software is different from that of xbeta. Included Foxit
Free PDF
Reader, Volume creator. Other products are not necessarily supported for Chinese. They are for reference only!

[Accesspdf Summary]: A PDF
Forum for users and programmers, pretty good!
Summary]: most of them are ware.

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