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As we all know, when playing flash files, we can not be as free as video files to control the progress of playback, and even sometimes to some wonderful places, want to pause down are particularly inconvenient, every time you have to go to the menu to perform, do not delay the wonderful moment, can't catch the most touching picture. Not long ago, the author of the online wandering saw such a small software, it can completely replace the computer's default Flash Player, and the most attractive, use it to play Flash can also be like playing video files as freely as the file progress control. How are you, very interested? Don't worry, listen to me slowly.

Software name: Swfer Flash Player (hereinafter: Swfer)
Software Size: 2.5 MB
Software language: Simplified Chinese
Software Type: Free software

First, after the download is complete, we will get an executable file and double-click it to install it. and the whole installation process and we install the other software is no different, I believe that you will not have any problems in this step.
Then, we can double-click a flash file, then Swfer will replace the original Flash Player and automatically enter the playback interface. As shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

As we can see from the graph, the biggest change of Swfer and previous players is the addition of a row of play control bar and Information Bar. In this way, not only in the Flash playback process we can see the current state, but also the control of playback more convenient. As shown in Figure 2, the notes for each button in the toolbar

Figure 2

How, the function is quite full of it, what? How do you use it? Oh, I am afraid I do not have to say more, you have to try it yourself.
At the same time, this swfer in addition to the above standard playback control function, it can also achieve flash file fast and slow release. By clicking on the "Control" menu, we can see both the "Control Speed" and "manual control" commands. "Manual control" is to allow users to use custom frame speed to play flash, and "control speed" is relatively simpler, in it directly set the standard fast forward and standard fast fallback for users to quickly select, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

What do you think? Read the above introduction, is not you also tempted? Then hurry up to the hands of the mouse download, to your Flash Player also a comprehensive upgrade bar.

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