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Often have netizens ask some computer questions to each other, although sometimes can through QQ or email to solve through words, language, but for more complex problems, 32 words is difficult to say clearly. The idea is that if you record the operation on the screen, wouldn't that be more visual?

"Screen video Expert" is a professional screen video production tool. Although it can not be captured in pure DOS, but with it you can easily screen the software operation process, such as recording into Flash animation, ASF animation, AVI animation or from the play of the EXE animation, directly play watch on it.

The screen recording specialist is a shareware that can be installed directly after downloading, the first time run, the screen will appear prompts "first adjust the screen to 16-bit color, otherwise it may cause the system to record the slow response", click the right mouse button, pop-up Settings window, the screen adjusted to 16-bit color, you can smoothly into the main interface.

It uses the direct recording method or the first record, then produces the way to record the screen video, causes the user to make the process more easy to control. However, it should be noted that the unregistered version of the software will pop up when the registration window, generated ASF, AVI, EXE file playback will have "unregistered" and so on.

In addition, the generated ASF, AVI, exe file to add a signature or copyright notice, and generate flash can only generate the first 10 frames of the animation of the four restrictions.

Registration interface

Adjust to 16-bit color

Screen recording expert main interface

1, one key to finish, hot key set free

The screen recording expert's operation is simple, the preset hotkey can be recorded and stopped, and pauses can be paused while recording. The basic settings allow you to preset "record sounds simultaneously", "record cursors simultaneously", "record Video", and directly record the "AVI" or "EXE" files you generate. Switch to the shortcut window, the system default shortcut to start/stop recording you for F2, users can also be based on their own habits to set the hotkey, and then click "Apply", modify the hotkey succeeded.

Hot Key set at random

Comment: Maybe the computer will run several software at the same time, there are some conflicts with the shortcut settings, and the screen recording you experts in this regard to consider the more comprehensive, can use a key to achieve the entire process of recording, you can set their own key combination to operate recording, pause, or single frame recording and other functions.

2, recording screen, small and flexible

Since it is called "screen recording expert", of course we have to actually operate to see how it works. Here we'll record a section of the process of turning on the contrast and brightness of the Photoshop CS adjust a picture. Click "F2", the screen recording expert hides immediately, starts the operation, runs the Photoshop CS, opens a picture which in the picture collection is relatively dim, then adjusts its brightness and the contrast, then saves the exit, immediately presses "F2", pops up the screen recording expert, and appears " Processing ... ", a few seconds later recording completed.

System default generated is EXE file, if you want to record generated AVI file can be recorded in the recording mode, select "Avi", and then press F2 start, recording after a while press F2 stop, and then to the lower left-hand corner of the list can find recorded AVI file, double-click can be played.

Processing build EXE file

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