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Microsoft China held a press conference in Shanghai to officially announce that Xbox One will start selling in China on September 1, September 23 at a price starting from 3699 RMB. This TV game machine, which was launched in 2001, finally entered the Chinese mainland market after 14 years of waiting. Pricing is the most controversial option for the launch of Xbox one in China. Microsoft announced on the same day that the Xbox One Chinese edition is divided into two versions: the family entertainment edition of 3699 Yuan and the starter limited edition of 4299 yuan.

The overexpensive price, as well as the review and castrated gaming industry, are doomed to the bumpy path of Microsoft's main game platform in China. In addition, in the 360 era in China, most people are playing with cracking, making it too difficult for Chinese people to buy games. The problem with the cracking machine is that the support of the game lags behind the latest version, and the transmission method is more troublesome for the small white users. In addition, I personally think that the machine is too big and too heavy is also a headache for me in normal use.

HTPC (home theater personal computer) is a home theater computer. Simply put, the computer uses HDMI to connect to the home screen. However, the mouse and keyboard operations are prohibitive in the home theater. If you can implement the controller control, the normal laptop can connect to the HDMI interface to play the PC game, that is, to achieve what the Xbox wants to achieve. In addition, PC has more advantages in audio and video playback and more operations.

Therefore, the following direction may be the future direction of home audio and video:I2 Media Center

I2The entertainment platform designed specifically for HTPC makes PC really a living room entertainment center and has the following features:

  • Enhanced the HTPC function. In the past, HTPC was used to watch HD videos. After I2 and the handle are installed, HTPC has a strong operability for games, videos, music, and pictures and becomes an all-around entertainment center. It is functionally aligned with the latest Xbox One. With I2 + HTPC + handle, you also have the features of HD player + Xbox/PS game machine + bt Er + Xiaomi box + NAS (home network storage.
  • Simplifies HTPC operations. Full-handle operations, just like Xbox consoles, are very convenient! Otherwise, you may need a wireless keyboard, mouse, or remote control.
  • Start automatically at startup and directly go to I2 (start Windows first and then automatically go to I2)
  • The background has built-in game library and video library, and built-in Thunder's download kernel (supporting multi-task and breakpoint). Games and videos can be directly downloaded. All games match well and can be controlled with the Controller. After the game is downloaded, it is automatically installed.
  • Built-in powerful video player, supporting all video formats and hardware acceleration
  • The built-in Youku client allows you to watch online videos.



The Founder is a senior in Tongji, 40 years old. I personally think that men are experienced and skilled at this age. After much understanding, I think this project is very promising. I hope you can have some opportunities here. Especially those who need WPF technology very much and respect it. I think it is also an opportunity for a friend who is immersed in WPF technology to present himself.


The following is a job opportunity. If you are interested, please take a look:


Internet Startups recruit technical developers. Company: in the initial stage, the first investment was just in place, and new investors lined up to prepare for the second stage: the next generation of Internet products, representing the development trend of the Internet. For details, refer to the video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_xnjy1odmwmju2.html. If you like this product or understand it, you will know how powerful it is in the future!‍Treatment: To accelerate product development, we welcome developers with a certain level of experience to join us. Fresh graduates and university interns‍If you have a good foundation, you are welcome. The following recruitment is a reference. Laruence is not limited by this restriction! Work Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai. Shanghai Normal University, East China Institute of Technology, Institute of application technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is very close to us 7 k-14 K Shanghai experience, unlimited education, unlimited full-time employment
Job temptation: high salaries, high options, full benefits, paid vacation, ergonomics seat release date: 2 days ago post description

Even if you are a newbie or a cainiao programmer, you are welcome to join us!

As long as you are eager to learn and have a good foundation, the technical masters here will teach you how to build a background for millions of users, the latest WPF development technology, and the most scientific development process.


  • Responsible for supporting the development of primary programmers

Skill requirements:

  • Have the desire to achieve the goal of making money quickly through the rapid improvement of technology
  • Familiar with Visual Studio development tools
  • Familiar with C #
  • Understand. Net Development Technology
  • Understanding MySQL and other databases will give you extra points
  • Understanding php development will give you extra points
  • Learn about the latest WPF development technology. If you are willing to learn
  • Good communication skills and team spirit
  • Quick Learning‍


------------------ Chen Hua-chh an entrepreneur, explorer, and adventurer M: [email protected] W: www. wehtpc. Comp: I2 Media Center




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